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Patons Booklet 9610

Brushed hood
is really warm
in Patons Fiona

Garments made from Paton's Fiona
will wash perfectly again and again.
To derive full benefit from their
built-in shape retention, wash Fiona
garments as wool and dry
throughly, but DO NOT HANG
Two No. 9 BEEHIVE needles or QUEEN BEE if stainless rigid needles preferred, measured by BEEHIVE gauge. One large button. One large tapestry needle. Teasel or suede cleaning brush (wire type).

MEASUREMENT: To fit average head.

TENSION: 12 sts. and 16 rows to two square inches on No. 9 needles, measured over stocking stitch.

ABBREVIATIONS: K.=knit; P.=purl; st.=stitch; sl.=slip; beg.=beginning; ins.=inches.


Cast on 138 sts.
Work 6 rows in K.1, P.1 rib.
Proceed in stocking stitch until work measures 7 1/2/ ins. from beg., finishing at end of a P. row.
Next row-Cast off 50 (one st. on needle after casting off), K.37, cast off 50.

Break off wool.
Rejoin wool to remaining group of 38 sts. and continue in stocking stitch until work measures 8 1/4 ins. from cast-off sts. Cast off.

Cast on 11 sts.
Proceed in garter stitch (every row sl.1, K.10) until work measures 15 ins. from beg.
Next row-Sl.1, K.3, cast off 3, K. to end.
Next row-Sl.1, K.3, cast on 3, K. to end.
Work 5 rows. Cast off.

Omitting ribbing, with wrong side of work facing block by pinning out round edges.
omitting ribbing, press using a cool iron and slightly damp cloth.
Use a large tapestry needle and 12-inch lengths of wool for make up, taking care the wool remains twisted during make up.
Using a fine back-stitch seam, join cast-off sts. to sides of Hood.
Fold ribbing at front edge to wrong side and flat-stitch into position to form hem.
Flat-stitch Band along lower edge of Bonnet easing in back of Bonnet leaving 2 ins. at each end free.
Omitting ribbing and garter stitch, brush Hood using a teasel or wire brush.
Attach button to Band. Press seams.

If anyone has a go at knitting this pattern, please let me know - either by email or by signing the guestbook - how you got on.

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