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Welcome to the La Crosse Scenic Bluffs Chapter

of the ATOS

Visit the Temple Theatre Online! Click Here to be taken to the Theatre's Website!

Be sure to come back to our site for further updates!

The La Crosse Scenic Bluffs Chapter was founded officially in February, 2001 by action of the ATOS Board of Directors. (and boy were we excited!)

The chapter formed initially to rally around a small Wurlitzer Theatre Organ which is going back to its original home at the Temple Theatre.

The crew on "move day" to our workshop

Our chapter now consists of about 20 members and we are growing strong! The one cohesive factor in our chapter is the strong desire to bring this type of music and artform back to the La Crosse area where it has been absent for over 60 years!!

Come in, have a look around and see what we mean when we say excitement! Be sure to check back often for updates on the status of our projects and later on our concerts!


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