The Oregon Trail Pipe Band
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The Oregon Trail Pipe Band

Formed in 1997, we are a pipe band based in Portland, Oregon. We play Brien Boru bagpipes from Northern Ireland.

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Currently we are on hiatus. Please check in from time to time to see if we are up and piping again!


Black tunic with brass buttons; individual tartan brats with silver Tara brooch; saffron kilt; dark green caubeen with green hackle and "Mac Rose" badge; black belt; black sporran; green hose with saffron flashes; black shoes with silver buckles.
Summer alternate to the tunic is short-sleeved khaki uniform shirt with tie. Cold weather alternate is black military sweater.

We marched as a trio in the 2005 Athena Caledonian Games, Athena, Oregon... and got a third place band award!

We performed in the St. John's Parade, an annual event in the St. John's neighborhood of Portland.
Click HEREto see us in action!
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CLICK HERE for photos from our 2001 trip to Northern Ireland!

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We play a variety of traditional Irish folk tunes, marches, and hymns as well as pieces from other sources. Our current repertoire includes:

"March Set:"

  • Druid's Chorus
  • Let Erin Remember
  • Eileen Aroon

"First Set:"

  • Over the Hills And Far Away
  • Over the Old Nass Road
  • My Wild Irish Rose
  • The Saffron Kilt

"Second Set:"