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The Eaves

Gav aka Gavin Thorpe aka one time fan of Idlewild *rock on* aka guitarist in The Eves seems to think that getting a good review on hOOchy* is as easy as sending the writer a free wristband as a present with the CD, (shame on him and his underhand methods). Cool wristband though Ė despite the fact that blue and yellow arenít really my colours, bad for my complexion, darling! Anyway, despite our little fall outs I like this CD if only due to its ability to be completely lacking in offensiveness and just be so god damn nice to listen to if not exactly inspiring.

Well, thatís the first (untitled) CD anyway. The second CD is a whole new kettle of fish.

The initial CD is a weepy song about heartbreak involving a girl who abandons her man leaving nothing behind apart from a coffee stain on the table (I presume anyway, donít quote me on this one, yeah, like youíre going to anyway!) Ė clearly a very sensible lady though all the same. So, ermm..get your tissues at the ready. Pianos form the backbone to the song providing it with a very melancholic edge. The fact that Gavin seems to be able to recreate the depth of vocals needed (very Chris Martin esque) to really bring the song alive is really to his credit. This is going to appeal to the downtrodden, introspective amongst us. However, the second CD ĎThe Acid Testí, which I was also privy too was actually a real let down, especially as I has enjoyed the first CD a lot. It seemed to have all the necessary elements needed in a great rock song but was lacking in the magical oomph ingredient Ė leaving the listener wanting. Iím not sure what of, but definitely not to listen to this song again. Stick to the sad songs Gav itís what you do best.

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 3/5 The eves are even steven (try saying that when youíre drunk!)