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The Lolitas

They are: The Lolitas
It is: Songs For Young Lovers

Peterborough appears to have a bit of a love hate relationship with The Lolitas but I love them – which is a shame because it’s always harder to give compliments than be mean. The Lolitas (or should this be the lol-libertines – comparisons with the London based band being easy) have always reminded me of Quadrophenia. That is to say I see them as mod throwbacks from the sixties – probably due to their attitude/stage swagger but with the lyrics of Bob Dylan (if that’s possible!).

So their lyrics are quite insightful. Their final track ‘Deep’ sounds quite upbeat and catchy while ironically being, it would seem, about death. This can only be perceived by listening carefully to the lyrics. The line ‘In the end we are only six feet deep’, being the best indicator of this. This adds darker elements to the song, making it a lot more complex than your average song. But the first song on the demo is by far the strongest. ‘Dawn Mist Fades’, opens up with some weird, trippy, psychedelic riffs and is riddled with so much pent up attitude it is positively cancerous and a live favourite.

The Lolitas may only be fresh inexperienced things, but the future looks bright for these young lovers.

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 3/5 NOT songs for the deaf