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Little Fat Hoover

They are – Little Fat Hoover
Who are – Rock
It is – Untitled

The band Little Fat Hoover are to Leicester what Zilch are to Peterborough. What I mean by this is simple. Both bands are well known and respected amongst their own local scenes, but, (well, at present anyway) relatively unknown elsewhere. Both bands clearly displaying great potential just waiting to be realised. However, all is not bleak. All that Little Fat Hoover really need to do, I’m sure, in order to achieve greater success is ensure that they persevere in order to go that extra mile...or eight miles high…without giving up. (Yes, that really was a shameful attempt to refer to a Byrds song…sorry!).

What I really like about Little Fat Hoover though is that they are quite unconventional. This makes them really refreshing, and is one of the reasons why I love this CD. They just aren’t prepared to follow the easy lead of many bands around these days. That is to say that they aren’t prepared to sacrifice melody at the expense of noise. For example, by trying to emulate the Slipknots of this World through creating impact with the hit them with it at full pelt approach. The ham-fisted, it doesn’t matter if our songs are shite approach! I’m sure you are familiar with what I am talking about. However, and probably quite luckily for us really, there is only so much room for these bands, and (take note people this is an important point) I do get the feeling that music fans at large are starting to become disaffected by this type of music. Although this is only an intuitive feeling about the musical climate at present, I do believe quite strongly that the time is ripe for a great guitar band, and Little Fat Hoover could just be that band! Watch this space.

This tidy four piece manage to infuse the best bits of the Byrds (i.e. their beautiful harmonies) best seen on track four ‘Wasted’, track six ‘Take Me Away’ and track ten, my personal favourite ‘Watching Your World Slip Around’, with a slightly (though not overpowering) rocky feel. This can best be observed in track Five ‘No One Wins in the End’ which is quite reminiscent of Northern Uproar.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check this band out, they’re great.

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 4/5. Little Fat Hoover. Should scrub up well!.