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David Grossman and The Limits

Probably one of the hardest CD reviews you can write is one where you donít particularly like the style of music. This is the problem I have here; in this case its old style rock with a bit of country and jazz mixed in for good measure. The CD is Bars. The band is David Grossman and the limits. It would be easy to say this band is crap just because it's not my cup of tea, but it's quite clear that they're not. In fact they are quite good and obviously have a lot of talent and just cos its not my thing doesnít mean to say thousands of people out there wont love them, cos I'm sure they will - a lot.

David Grossman and The Limits are a four-piece band from Phoenix, America. They describe the CD as songs about being in bars and about being behind bars, the inspiration of which come from Grossman's own experiences of being, wellÖÖ bars and behind bars!

The CD is split into two sections, Side A: In Bars and Side B: Behind Bars. At first I didnít see the point of having two sides, (especially when itís a CD!), but after listening to it, it becomes clear that the two different parts are completely different from each other. The first song on Side A- 'Walking on Windows' - started off sounding very much like Queens Of The Stone Age but soon moves onto a generally more old style of rock. By song 4, a bit of Raging Speedhorn meets Slipknot style of singing comes in, by that I mean, a deep 'possessed by devil' scary kind of voice. But as soon as Side B starts with 'Waiting For The Yard', (a very Country and western sounding song, starting with a yeeeeee-haaaaa in the background!), I'm completely confused as to what kind of music they are aiming for here. But I suppose that as David Grossman is an award winning song writer and Folk artist, and main writer for this CD, its only natural to add some of his own sound to this album. Its just a bit strange after 6 such rock'n'roll tracks to be changing the style so dramatically.
The next song sounds like that Christmas song Billy Joel did (or maybe thatís just me!). The majority of the songs on Side B are of the same style with the exception of 'Guitar String Tattoo'. This song reminds me of a scene from an American film where someone is singing the blues in a little Jazz Club, (although there's no mention of a wife leaving and taking the dog with her!).

So many bands nowadays stick to the same sound album after album and seem scared to try something new incase their fans donít like it. This is why David Grossman is so refreshing. Every single song is so different, you go from playing air guitar to a bit of head banging and then onto wishing you could line dance. This guy really does have some big talent to be able to go to such extremes like this, and to do it well. Especially when you learn that this band have only played together a total of seven times, three rehearsals and four shows and in this time they have recorded two albums worth of music and a song performance video.

The more I listen to this CD, the more I like it, I'm even starting to warm to the Country/ Folk sound. Now where did I put those cowboy boots and Dolly Parton CD?

This CD is available from all Valley Zia and Tower Stores and online at:>

You can catch David Grossman every second Sunday of the month at the Emerald Lounge (I assume that will mean something to Americans!)
Or you can just look at the website:

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 3/5. Perfect for people who believe variety is the spice of life.