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Fat Northern Records
Pioneers, Slims and Earl

Fat Northener Records is an online record company based formed in February 2003 after the apparent realisation that Manchester no longer has a scene (come to Peterborough kids!). It seems asthough people are now thinking they have to move to London to get anywhere in the music business - this is where FNR comes in. It provides the support and development of Manchester bands, musicians, visual artists and DJ's.

Anyway..(yes, this IS a CD review), the labels first signings included Slims, Earl and Pioneers. FNR put together a CD to showcase these bands...and this is it: Fat Northern Records - Volume 2.

The first track is 'Slow Down' by Pioneers. They list some of their influences as The Smiths, U2, Neil Young and The Beatles and to be honest it shows. But at the same time they manage to retain some originality instead of perhaps taking the easy route by churning out a blatant rip off. They have already been sited as "the new Starsailor" and dispite the fact you can't tell much about a band from hearing just one song, if this is anything to go by they might just do it.

The second track 'Eyeball Man' is by Slims and give a rather disturbing image in my head of this huge eyeball with arms and legs. Thankfully the song is slightly better. They might only be a three-peice but what they lack in band members, they make up for in noise. They are a dirty rock band with a sound not to dissimilar to Queens Of The Stone Age...with melodies and a few mean riffs.

The Third track 'Deeper' by the almost all girl group Earl and is one of those songs you like instantly. They have been described as electro-dance with an indie rock edge. Imagine what it would sound like if Elastica sang over some twirly wizzy type trance song... and you've got yourself Earl! Having already achieved 3 records of the year on the XFM unsigned show and im sure it's only time before it's anchors away for this female trio (plus one guy)!

Check out for more information on all the bands.

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 4/5 Phat Records!