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D Shift Band

They are: D Shift Band
It is: Everything She Says

Not bad at all. In fact, this is most definitely all right.

Listening to this demo, I canít help but think that this band has been heavily influenced by Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground Ė which canít be a bad thing. The opening track ĎEverything You Sayí, in particular, reflects this sentiment, with lines like Ď...this got me thinking this is all right..í, reminiscent of the writing style of Lou Reed. Although, this track is perhaps a little more upbeat than the majority of Reedís work.

The D- Shift band sound very tight musically, although, in one respect, they are slightly let down. The style of singing appears to tread the very fine line between sounding powerfully evocative and emotional and well, frankly, sounding over done. Their vocalist appears to be trying too hard to reach notes that he seems unable to hold, and as a result ends up sounding like he is straining his voice. However, having recently seen them live I have to admit that this may be a flaw of the demo alone as vocally they sound a lot better live, and hell, who am I to talk, I like the way Morrisey sings! But donít let this put you off. The first two tracks are actually rather good all told (even if, as is sadly the case with most demoís, itís a little downhill after that, but they are most definately still worth a dabble.

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 3/5 Top grade Students.