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The Dawn Parade

They are – The Dawn Parade
Who are – Rock/Pop
It is – Caffeine Row EP

The Dawn Parade are a most unique and special band. Not simply due to their seemingly effortless ability to unfailingly produce a rare blend of music with feral and romantic qualities whilst still managing to rock. But, also because they understand the importance of producing music which matters, much in the same way as The Smiths did in their day, and lets face it, it’s about time there was a band like that, don’t you think

Needless to say then Caffeine Row does not disappoint and signifies that The Dawn Parade have well and truly arrived, and builds on the critical success of their previous EP ‘Electric Fence Your Gentleness’. Any credit that they receive now as a band really is well and truly deserved.

With Greg at it’s helm anything is possible. He blends many of the qualities characteristic of Morrisey such as his intense longings and musings with much wit and complex observations. Indeed, some of his lyrics show an extremely rare insight into life which few songwriters ever seem to achieve. This being so it is truly difficult to pick out just one good example of his writing as it is all uncommonly excellent. However, if pushed to choose a particular favourite extract I would say it was from the second track ‘Wider than the January sky’, where Greg proclaims that
‘there they stand, in ruins in the afternoon sunlight no more than an embarrassment of long abandoned spledour and your eyes – wider than the January skies’.
And you don’t get that from Busted now do you? Or One True Voice for that matter!

But as has already been mentioned The Dawn Parade can also rock. The opening track ‘Caffeine Row’, particularly so with it’s catchy hooks and upbeat tempo. The Second track although less rocky still manages to sound really rock and roll especially towards the end where Greg almost takes on a Bono – esque persona. What a man! And the last track is just testiment of how versatile the band are. A truly touching and tender end to a beautiful 15 minutes of music.

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Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 5/5.


They are – The Dawn Parade
Who are – Rock/Pop
It is – Electric Fence Your Gentleness EP

I have to admit that the first time I saw The Dawn Parade i wasn't impressed. I'd heard so much hype about them and once I had finally got around to seeing them I wondered what all the fuss was about. But then after i had seen them for a second time, I was definitely coming around to the whole Dawn Parade thing, and once we had been sent their CD i was completely hooked. I can only think the alcohol must had affected my hearing the first time around, cos I simply do not know how I could not have liked them.

The Guardian has described them as "anthemic Rock'n'Roll". I wasn't entirely sure what that meant cos the Guardian is a bit grown up for me, (I’m more of a Daily Star kinda gal), but after consulting my Collins English Dictionary, I firmly agree. Rolling Stone magazine have said they are "very excellent" and even the God of radio Steve Lamacq has been suitably impressed by them, as has John Peel, who uttered his famous words "very nice" after playing 'The Hole In My Heart'. I do however think that "very nice" is quite an understatement. I think the best, and most accurate description of them comes from their hometown buddy Seymour Glass from Miss Black America, who described them as "The Smiths and Guns 'n' Roses flicking lit matches at an absinthe-drenched Iggy Pop".

The Dawn Parade may have been compared to The Smiths, The Jam, The Fall and early Manics but the 'Electric Fence Your Gentleness EP' is in a class of it's own and shows many different sides to the band. From the energetic, catchy, pop sound of 'The Hole In My Heart'; a song you'll be singing along to as soon as it starts, and undoubtedly for 3 days after you've heard it, to 'Hailstone Lullabies'; a passionately sang number with killer vocals, to 'Between Slough And Salvation', a very chilled, acoustic song which shows a much more grown-up side to the band. Overall, three songs which show a great deal of talent and diversity.

The Dawn Parade are an energetic, cool, sexy band who expertly combine meaningful lyrics with brilliantly written songs, sang and played with real passion. If there is any justice in the world, you can expect to see them signed to a major record label and gracing the pages of NME any day now, and rightly so.

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 5/5. If you thought The Vines were good, you aint seen nothing yet!