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David Neil Cline

This is the third album from David Neil Cline and is the self financed 'Thorough Scrutiny'.

The CD starts off with some strange sci-fi noises in the background, (this must be Davids Strange Keyboard effects the press release talks about) it lasts for 50 seconds, and makes up the first of 14 tracks, but admitably it is just an intro. The second song, Take It Or Leave It' has quite a Guns'n'Roses heavy rock feel. It starts with a really cool sounding riff and continues to churn them out throughout the track. It is possibly more of a suitable introduction to the rest of the album that the actual intro is. It certainly gives you a taste of what's to come.
When the third song, 'The Fate Of Pain' started, I thought the CD was going to take a mellower turn. It started with very relaxing acoustics, but then the guitars kick in and you realise this isn't going to be, and I'm sure it wasn’t meant to be, a relaxing sounding album, and why should it, this is hard rock.
The other 12 tracks have pretty much the same feel to them, loud, with fast guitars and riffs mean enough to shame James Hetfield out of a career. The exception is track 6. This is a very calming acoustic track, only lasting for one minute but giving you a much needed rest from all that air guitar you undoubtedly will end up playing.

This is Davids third album and although I haven't heard any of his other work it is clear to see just from this CD that he is a talented and hardworking musician who deserves every bit of success he gets.

All Davids music can be purchased on his website at

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 4/5. Take It Or Leave It? I'll take it.