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Conshafter. A group of 6 young wannabes out of Richmond, VA, who turned their backs on their carers to pursue fame in a Garage Rock band. They have a growing fan base ranging from surf punks, ageing new wavers, hip-hop heads and folk-rock junkies to mindless partyers and yuppie twentysomethings. Their album 'Your Day Job', (which they describe as a loosely constructed concept album on the horrors of the working world), is on national release in America on Indie label Dork Epiphany. Their first single 'Porn Star Moustache', appears on the 'Rock and Mudrestle' soundtrack, they're currently in negotiations for a Japanese tour and receiving airplay on a commercial radio station, not to mention being reviewed by magazines and publications world-wide including MTVi. As if that wasnít impressive enough, they have a meeting mid-November with Sony Records. And how do they do it? All by themselves. From mixing and production, to website design, logos and album art. What pro's.

'Your Day Job' is a CD which caters for everything life can throw at you, a crap job, a girl you just cant get rid of, a midlife crisis and even a girlfriend whose run off with a porn star. Sounds depressing? It's not.

They describe themselves as "Garage Rock" and "The result of throwing Weezer, The Cars, Beck, the Sex Pistols, De La Soul and Buddy Holly in a blender and hitting liquify" and thatís exactly what they are, and more.
There are many different influences going on, aswell as a lot of individual styles of music and thatís what gives them a new and original sounding edge. A style best described by themselves as an "everything in the kitchen sink approach to songwriting".
The lyrics have the wit of Blink 182, but added with the obvious musical influences of Weezer this makes them good in a way that Blink 182 could never be.

With songs as funny and influential as these, this 'Buddy Holly meets the Sex Pistols via Beck' band will make it big. Go buy their CD NOW!

To listen to them yourslef go to:

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 5/5 The names CONSHAFTER, remember it!