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Cafe Wah

They are: Cafe Wah
It is: Perfect White

When you're inundated with the 'boom boom boom aaaaggghhhhh' hardcore stylee CD's, it makes a nice change when you actually get to listen to something which doesn't make your ears bleed and leave you curled up in a ball in the corner despairing for your life. Infact, not once did I even get the urge to bite off my arm just so i had something to hit myself with. Good start.

For some reason i expected Cafe Wah to be your run of the mill indie-rock type band. They're not. They describe themselves as being a rock band, but I wouldn't say it was the kind of conventional rock you may expect of a band today. They are more Steve Wright than Steve Lamacq, and perhaps the kind of thing you would find your Dad listening to - and not in a retro cool way. But who wants to be cool anyway!?

Cafe Wah are clearly a very confident band, with great faith in their music and in their ability to make it and with bass lines this bouncy and vocals so husky they could make Brain Adams soundlike Charlotte Church they have every right to be. Unfortunately, i'm not so sure if they could find a place in commercial market to fit into, but hey, if The Coral can do it...

With 6 tracks and each song averaging 4 minutes, perhaps this CD outstays its welcome, but all in all it's an impressive first effort.

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. All white