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Aunt Spiker

They are: Aunt Spiker
It is: Low and Lazy

I swear that writing for hOOchy is more trouble that it's worth. Not only do I have to make an effort to review these demos I keep receiving but to top it all off I also have to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Being so honest is making me lose no end of sleep - and I have enough trouble sleeping as it is!

Anyway, was I glad to receive this? Talk about a piece of material having sleep inducing properties. I slept like a baby after my first cursory listen, such was the level of boredom it induced in me. Even writing this review is boring me and you are probably being bored reading this! And you don't even have to listen to it!

Talk about middle of the road, eh. Middle of the road was invented for music like this and if it wasn't it would have been. Hell, there is even a picture of a guy riding a motorbike on the cover sleeve, ahem! How much more evidence do you need.

The jury definitely isn't out on this one. This is definitely more beach bum that Beach Boys, but life's a beach!!


Rocking or Shocking?
Shocking. 2/5. Low go!