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They are: Arconna
It is: Cover My Eyes

Essentially Arconna sound like a less inspiring Biffy Clyro with the vocals of Walter Schreifels from Rival Schools.

In line with the musical style of Biffy Clyro, Arconna appear to adopt the stop - start sound of the beforementioned group. Their intros are very melodic and build in tempo, ending with big riffs. Hardly innovating or original, but still pleasing to listen to.

However, in one respect Arconna are unlike any other band I have come across - their best song (in my opinion) is the last track on the CD. A silly thing really on their part as some people may not be prepared to listen all the way through the demo to hear the best they have to offer. This track is called 'Waiting for an Ultimatum' and smacks very much of the Distured song 'Awaken', which I guess kinda makes it a bit nu-metal sounding, but in a good way, proving that Arconna have managed to make a nu-metal esque track sound okayish. No small feat!

The other two tracks however don't impress as much and lend support to the notion that Arconna could be described as merely perveyors of the 'Jack of all trades - masters of none', idea. Their first track has an intro that would't sound alien on an Elbow or Clearlake album whilst during the second track I half expect the band to break out into 'Last night, she said' in Strokes Fashion.

So here we have a demo that has all the elements of a bit of emo, melodic rock and 'modern' popular rock, but with none of the respective styles executed particularly well. So listening to Arconna is a bit like eating Neopolitan ice cream. All the elements are there but none of them seem to fit particularly well together - and ,besides, who wants Neopolitan when Ben and Jerrys in infinately better.

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 3/5 Heard but not seen