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They are: Anechoic
It is: (No Title)

Okay, let’s be under no illusions here. Anechoic will never win a Kerrang award (not necessarily a bad thing), and they will probably never see moshing at their gigs but that does not mean they are any less exciting. Get past the initial ane…..what…how the hell do you say that...of their name and prepare to be astonished. Here is a truly awesome collection of songs that deserves to be heard.

Their vocalist manages to blend all the emotion and ideas of Thom Yorke with the bittersweet sympathies of Chris Martin. Not only are their songs beautifully crafted into the web of his amazing voice (without ever being under danger of sounding overproduced) but they are also thought provoking and insightful. ‘Call off the War’, perhaps showing this at it’s most profound. But, alas, this is not all as Anechoic also ‘do’ moving. Their first track and final track ‘Dreaming again’, wonderfully demonstrating this, while the other song appears to focus on the problems associated with being an outsider.

Rocking or Shocking?
Rocking. 4/5 Chill out and enjoy