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My name is Dan Fenstermacher. I live near a small village in North Central Pennsylvania. I have been writing song lyrics for about a year and a half. I have two goals in mind when I write lyrics. First, I hope I can touch people with my writing. Second, I hope to eventually have money touch me because of my writing. can always hope! I write in all genres, but mostly in country. I write an occasional parody of an existing song also. If you can go through all my lyrics without smiling, laughing, crying, or getting mad...I commend you for being the most impervious soul on the planet.


I`d like to thank some people now...before I get too famous.(JUST KIDDING!) A thanks to my parents, because I owe my life to them. Thanks to my wife and daughter for putting up with my long hours on this computer! Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for being a constant source of computer knowledge, as well as a little bit of amusement and bemusement. Also thanks to all my other family members and friends. You`ve all been the hands that have shaped the play-dough that is me.(Was that poignant drivel or what!) Also have to thank my fellow lyric and song writers for helping me to better myself, and my writing too. A monstrous thanks to SistaRia(Elizabeth Marquez) for helping me get this dang site going.

In closing I`ll leave you with my favorite line about writing...I write what I feel and think, and hope others think about and feel what I write.

Now sign my guestbook please.

Thanks for stopping by!

Regards, Dan.