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Bob Seger Rare Audio

All of these songs are in RealAudio format, so you'll need RealPlayer. You can download it here. Click on the song title to listen.

Latest update: September 4, 2001


Oh Carol (recorded live in 1974 at the John Sinclair Ten For Two benefit concert) download

St. Dominic's Preview (A Van Morrison cover recorded live in a Cleveland studio in 1972) download

20 Years From Now (recorded live in 1974 unplugged) download

Full Circle (recorded live in 1974 unplugged) download

Sail On (Unreleased song from 'Seven' recorded live in 1974) download

Yesterday Rules (written for 'Back To The Future' recorded live in 1987) download

Like A Rock Outtakes

These songs are better than some of the songs that made it onto the album. Maybe they'll be released as bonus tracks someday.

Can't Hit The Corners No More (written in 1979) download

The Ring (different take with extra verse) download

Reckless Heart (this song was given to Don Johnson for his solo album) download

Wildfire (the original title song for 'Like A Rock') download


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