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A big thank you goes to you!!

A nice big thank you goes to the following people for the following things:

Quotes: Courtney, Dawn, Diana, Lori, Janine, Jen, Tiffany, Jillian, Dawn, Mandy, Leigh-anne, Brittany, Nicole, Elyse, Lorraine, Kathy, Christine, Henry, and Shannon, Erin, Sara, Amanda, Jen, Amy, Wendy, Ashley and all the other people who submitted quotes to me..even if i didn't use them....

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and a special thanx goes to all the people who keep comming to my website, signing the guestbook, posting on the boards...its all because of keep it up...

And another BIG thank you goes to all the MOG editors for all their help!!

A very big thanks goes to Amy of Colorguard Corner and Steph of Colorguard World. Why, well for having awesome guard sites, and to motivate me to make my's all cuz of you guys....SPIN ON!