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Guard Survey!

1. Name:
2. Guard(s):
3. Equipment handled:
4. Years in guard:
5. Do you iron your flags?:
6. Have you mastered the art of putting on makeup on a bumpy bus ride?:
7. Do you walk around 24/7 with a "Hey, I'm happy to be here" cheesy grin?:
8. Can you make up a guard show to ANY random song that comes on the radio?:
9. Have you become immune to the pain of a rifle/sabre?:
10. Are the muscles in your wrists, arms, legs, and foreamrs bigger than Arnold Schwarzenneggars (or atleast they seem that way, beacha he can't toss a 5 on rifle!)?:
11. Do write your own choreography in the middle of your dinning room with no music?:
12. When you run or jog do you find your self subconsiously jazz running?:
13. Are you accustomed to waking up everyday with sore muscles:
14. List ALL your guard realated injuries?:
15. Do you write your own choreography?:
16. Do you critique others choreography?:
17. Do you complain when your drill design is too easy?:
18. Do you have all of the stretches know to man/woman and can can you perform them properly?:
19. Can you re-tape (or tape) a rifle or sabre or flag in under 5 min?:
20. How many brusies do you have at the moment from guard?:
21. Do you have the years averaged for how many more years you can audition for a guard/drum corp?:
22. Do you (Have you ever) designed yor own flags for no reason what-so-ever except personal satisfaction?:
23. Have you ever danced to a song an realized your moves have come from past coreography?:
24. Does your rifle/sabre/flag have a name?:
25. What is it?:
26. Do you get upset when someone picks up your equipment...and drops it!?:
27. Have you ever had a conversation with your equipment?:
28. Have you ever kissed your butt? (rifle butt that is):
29. Do you find yourself at practice just "playing" and realized you were doing past years work?:
31. The one song you WISH and PRAY you could do as a guard show?:
32.When you 'grow up' do you want to instruct colorguard/winterguards?:
33. When you graduate (if this applies) do you plan on going on to an independent guard?:
34. When you come home from practice with bruises do your parents ask you who beat you up (black eyes do apply):
35. HOTTEST colorguard guy/girl (on the guard or in the crew)?: