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Hey, welcome to Guard-Scopes, a happy addittion to the MOG family so, for me to post the whole horoscope on here would be dumb cuz then no one would join the club, so what i'm going to do is just take like a sentance of two of the scope, that way i leave you hanging for the rest of it :o) and you sign up by sending a blank email to Yeah, that is what i thought :o)

Keep your own comments to a minimum for now. Things may be tuff, but it'll get better. If you want someone to feel welcome, you should listen to what they have to say. Watch for flying equipment when walking through the gym :o).

If there's one thing at which you excel these days, it's the guard denial. The Gemini Moon gives you all the best excuses. Back away from trying something that isn't meant to happen.

You're tuned in at a different frequency. Exciting new messages are coming your way as fast as you can absorb them. You're ready to try living your life in a different way this week.

The more that you know, the harder it will be to perform. You have too many options as it is. Once you get out of this situation, remind yourself to see that it never happens again.

You've been so busy lately that an old problem has faded in importance. You're relaxed, positive and extremely reasonable. There's plenty of time left to attain perfection, but PRACTICE!

It's your turn to bear the burden. You'd prefer privacy if it's available. Steer your guard onto a side trip or toward a mutual instructor who can keep them more entertained. Your results will justify the current inconvenience.

You have time to explore theories that have long intrigued you. Weigh the pros and cons with a positive, rational mind. Map out your next set of major guard changes before they take you by surprise.

You're heading in a direction from which it may be difficult to come back. The Gemini Moon speeds you on your way, but you still have enough control to "catch". Consider yourself alone in this, and start thinking for yourself.

Your energy may be good, but anyone spending more than a few minutes with you at practice will see that your focus is weak. Major decisions could be a disaster. Go with the simple pleasures that you can easily enjoy.

Instead of responding in kind to cheap, aggressive tactics, turn your back on the whole scene. Instuctors get on your nerves it happens! It's easy to act with dignity when you have a clear example of the ugly alternative. Be as brave as you know you can be.

If you're not in the vicinity of something that you love, all this magic will go to waste. Communication, tenderness and several kinds of lust make this a weekend to remember. Toss a flage and let it drop.

Stay where you are and do what you can. Under the Gemini Moon, it's too easy for Pisces to get lost somewhere between Point A and Point B. Treat yourself well if no one else appears to care.

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