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What do you miss most about guard in the "off" season....

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I miss hanging out with all my guard friends at practices. I miss waking up early on Saturday mornings so I can get ready for the competitions. I miss the butterflies I get in my stomach right before I perform. I miss the feeling I get when I finish my solo and the crowd is cheering. I miss the feeling I get when the show is over and everyone is screaming so loud you can't even think. But what do I miss the most? I miss the feeling I get after every competition when I am so proud nothing can take the smile off my face. That feeling is priceless. -

Well, First I Miss My HS Color Guard, Yea As Much As Ive Said I hated It, Im Gunna Miss Not Being About To March w/ The In The Fall, Since In 2weeks, I'll Be an Age Out, From Nutley's Color Guard, But I Carry All Those Memories w/ Me, The Good & The Bad. And I Miss Everything About Insight, LoL. I Miss The Friday Night Practices Till 3am, The Early Calls To Roselle Park On Saturdays, The Competions, And All The Fun. esp, The People, I Miss & Love Them All. And I Miss Doin Drill a Million Times So Everyone Has It, I Miss The Re-writing Work, All The Stuff That Seemed Gurling Then Is What Im Missin Now. :) - Janine (
I miss the feeling of...sabres smacking us in the face when we don't release it "just right"...i miss the tight and sweaty jazz pants that we were forced to wear!!! I miss the sound of my instructor saying, "just one more time", but then 3 hours later, he says "well, this is the last time"...but most of all, i miss all my guard girlies that i laugh and cry with, but thats why i say, THANK GOD FOR WINTERGUARD!!!! -
I miss spinning my flag when I'm bored and I miss making up stupid tosses in my spare time. I miss hanging out with my friends every Saturday. I miss getting yelled. NOT. lol I miss performing at competitions and at every practice.-

I miss being owned by guard... 11 of the past 12 months, I've always had something to do w/ them. Now I actually have a month and half off!? I'm goin crazy already =) I miss performing, I miss the sound the flag makes when you launch it as hard as you can. I miss 'sectionals' *goofin off, mostly* I miss seeing all my friends together, in one big group. I miss competitions. I miss the seniors that graduated. I miss it all!!!! GUARD IS LIFE! -
I miss the work outs, the sweating, the pain, the complaining and asking myself why on earth I do colorguard. I miss my friends, my pole, my bruises (which all were named), my rifle with its huge crack, and my instructors yelling at us to give them judges some head!!! -

I dont really miss anything cause we have already started our season with camp and we do it all year around. So when I am not with them I miss having fun with my team mates they way we always do when we get togeather. -

I miss performing my heart out, i miss being with my friends, i miss spinning, i miss chilling with all my other friends from other guard at competitions...i miss...everything! -
I miss the early mornings for morning band. I miss the early Saturdays for competitions; and the long bus rides w/ the band to get there.:o) I miss the feeling you get right before and right after you perform. I miss the sectionals. I miss the lunch breaks and seeing just how many people we can fit into a car. Hmm... it looks like we all pretty much miss the same things!:-) -

I miss the sense of humor of the band/ one else has the excellent wit of a marching band member. I miss being at the back of the field and you have to weave all the way through the band and be at the front of the field you have 4 counts GO! - (i have no idea who sent me this PLEASE let me know)

I miss the performances.

I miss the sense of humor of the band/ one else has the excellent wit of a marching band member. I miss being at the back of the field and you have to weave all the way through the band and be at the front of the field you have 4 counts GO!-Jess
During the off season. I really miss football games and hanging out with all the guard girls, and the band kids. And I think my favorite part is when we all cuddle together when it is really cold outside. It really shows that we get along, even when we aren't performing. And it's great how the band teacher can get so excited when we do something excelent, and it just makes him proud! And I can't help but miss all the flirting that goes on during the band trips, and competitions. Gotta love the trumpeteers, and drummers!
I miss dancing in the stands at the football games. Our band plays a lot of great dancing songs and we have a blast! It is so fun and a big stress reliever. It also brings the guard together. I also miss the closeness of the guard members, because that seems to fade when football season ends. But other than that, I am happy when football season ends because I don't have to go to practice at 7:15 in the morning!!!! :)

The thing i miss most about the "off" season is tossing and being with my friends. Also not to sound weird or anything but another thing i miss most about the "off" season is injuries. I live on injuries...if im not injuried people ask me if im ok. Most people call me a strange psyko for this but i dont care. The fact that ive been twirling since i was 4 years(baton) and twirling a flag since i was in 4th grade im kinda used to injuries...cause yea 5 1/2 foot pole and a very short 4th grader dont mix to only 5' 2" now so just image how short i was 8 years ago :-D. However im saying all of this and for me there really isnt an off season b/c of the fact that im in a baton group but thats ok....its not exactly the same thing(twirlers know what i mean :-D)

Off season? What's that! We started marching season in May and that just ended today (November 17)! We started winter guard 2 weeks ago and that won't end until March. Then we start training for fall! -

I will miss football season, even though I always said I hated it. I will miss the endless hours of practice, specially when the PE kids stared at us as they ran around the track. I will miss the image of the band director standing in the press box looking down at us as the sun came up from behind him, giving him an eerie glow (I won't miss him,I'll just miss that image). I will miss the football and baseball coach's voices yelling "You messed up our fields!" I will defenetaly miss my traditional Burger King breakfast I eat before every competition (since 9th grade). I'll gain some pounds and loose some arm strength. This was my last year in a HS field show, but I can't whait until winter guard gets started and then I go march Impulse D&B Corp over the summer.-

*I Dedicate My Winter Guard and D.C. seasons to Joe (RIP)*

IN my guard we have no off season. Winterguard lasts all the way up till April for nationals and then we have tryouts at te end of the year and we start praccticing right away. i know hoiwever when I do graduate and leavethis guard i am going to miss it so much. I will miss everything, yes everything abbout it. Mostly the people and my wonderful director. -
What I miss more about Guard and the off season well it just gets borring after a while and dont know what to do. I mean I know i said i hated the marching season and all but it get fun and you miss all your friends and trying to learn the drill and learning the counts at the same time. its hard ya i know but you get used to it and gets fun after a while. winterguard season is over already and we had our last competition saturday march 23 for state and we got second place for "AA." Which is good but we worked our butts off and well we almost won by not even a point but oh well right?! well i think im more worried about getting fatter since im not going to be working my butt off and running around and comming home late and not eating and stuff like that. but i love guard!!!!!! Robert E. Lee Guard Rocks!!!! We kick a**!!!! From San Antonio, Texas oh ya baby.............
Love always,

My guard doesn't have an off season either, but I do, since I'm a senior. I'm going to miss the great comradship and the goofy moments in hotel rooms at nationals. I'm going to miss the way my rifle cracks when I catch it and how buff my arms always are because of it. I'll miss my instructors and somehow making fun of them and respecting them at the same time. Most of all, I'll miss that moment when the show is over, the crowd is screaming, the announcer is repeating our name, and I know I've had the best show of my life.

Off season? There is an off seaon?????? Why was I not informed of this so-called *off season*????? Winter= WGI, obviously... Summer= drum corps! Fall= marching band, corps camps, etc! When is there time off? I guess in that 1 or 2 weeks a year during which I'm not doing anything guard-related, I miss the crowd reaction... a great performance is the best feeling in the world!

I miss performing!! And my team mates and other guard people that I used to see everyweekend. :(