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Independent Guards In Your Area. . .

Are a director or instructor of a guard, is your guard on the list if not please send it to the Independant Guard Editor, and she will add it to the list Email the Ind. Guard Editor


Guard: Lemoore Independant Flag Ensemble
Location: San Joaquin Valley, CA
Web Site: Lemoore Independant Flag Ensemble
E-mail: E-mail Lemoore

Guard: Prophecy
Location: Granada Hills, CA
Web Site: Prophecy

Guard: San Jose Raiders (includes World, Open, "A" & Novice Guards)
Location: San Jose, CA
Web Site: San Jose Raiders
E-mail: E-mail San Jose Raiders

Guard: Fantasia
Location: Southern California
Director: Gary Locke
Web Site: Fantasia
E-mail: E-mail Fantasia


Guard: Apex & Bpex
Location: Wilmington, DE
Director: Raul Reyes
Web Page:
E-mail: E-mail Apex
Phone Number: (302) 738-1162


Guard: Unisun
Location: Gainesville, FL
Email: Email Unisun

Guard: The Vella
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Director: Shannon Berkstresser
Web Site: The Vella

Guard: Alliance Of Miami (includes World Guard, Open Guard, "A" Guard & Cadets)
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Director: Tony Florio
Web Site: Alliance Of Miami
E-mail: E-mail Alliance


Guard: Back 'Nsync
Location: Northwest, IN
Email: Email Back 'Nsync


Guard: Mirage
Location: Morris, IL
Director: Gayle Hutchings
E-mail: E-mail Mirage


Guard: Eklipse
Location: Hopkinsville, KY
Webpage: EKLIPSE
Email: Email Eklipse

Guard: Mosaic
Location: Lexingten, KY
Email: Email Mosaic


Name: Blue Devils Open & "A" Guards
Location: Concord, Mass
Director(s): Open: Dave Meikle, Lindsey Liebig, T.J. Doucette, Laurel Hansen, Jay Murphy, & Annette Odello. "A" Guard: Annette Odello, Jana Baxter, & Shannon Morford.
Web Site: Blue Devils
Phone #: (925) 689-2918 EXT. 3113
E-mail: E-mail Blue Devils

Guard: St. Ann's
Location: Neponset, Mass
Web Site: St. Ann's
E-mail: E-mail St. Ann's

Guard: Emerald Marquis
Location: Wakefield, Mass
Director: Dale Powers
Web Site: Emerald Marquis
E-mail: E-mail Emerald Marquis

Guard: Blessed Sacrament World Guard & Junior Guard
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Staff: Brandon Block, Scott Chandler, Ed Devlin, Jill Flanagan, Peg Gallagher, Ben Mitrano, Jeff Namian, Chris Raichle, Jack Shallow, Ann Marie Valeri, Cecil York, Dolores Zappala
Web Site: Blessed Sacrament
E-mail: E-mail Blessed Sacrament


Guard: Just Class
Location: Baltimore, MD
Web Site: Just Class


Guard: Spirit of Bridgman
Location: Bridgman, MI
Email: Email Spirit


Guard: First Flight
Location: Cary, NC
Web Site: First Flight
E-mail: E-mail First Flight


Guard: Alter Ego Colorguard
Location: West New York, NJ
Webpage: Alter Ego Guard
Email: Email Alter Ego

Guard: Blackwatch
City: Burlington County, NJ
Directors Joseph Heininger - Jeff Sacktig - Joyce Wolfrom-Roos - Toni Tunstall-Melanie Sullivan
Website: Blackwatch

Guard: Insight Winterguard
Location: Old Bridge/Piscatway, NJ
Email: Email Insight

Guard: Innuendo Winterguard
Location: Northern, NJ
Email: Email Innuendo
Website: Innuendo

Guard: Fusion
Location: Parsippany
Director: Ed Bopp
Website: Fusion

Guard: Pegasus Winterguard
Location: Northern, NJ
Email: Email Pegasus

Guard: CompleXity
Location: Jackson, NJ
Email: Complexity
Phone Number: (732) 928-9699

Guard: Stardust Color Guard
Location: member of the Raiders Drum & Bugle Corps Family
Email: Email Stardust
Telephone: (973) 748-0114
Website: Click Here for Raider or Stardust Info

Guard: EECLYPSE of Delaware Valley
Location: Frenchtown, NJ

Guard: SeaStars
Location: Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Director: Howard Minnichback
E-mail: E-mail SeaStars
WebSite: SeaStars


Guard: ONYX
Director: Michael Lentz
Location: Dayton Ohio
Email: Email Onyx
Phone Number: (973) 847-8723

Guard: Introspect
Location: Oxford, Ohio
Web Site: Introspect
E-mail: E-mail Introspect
Sponsored By: Miami Unniversity, OH


Guard: Northwind Winterguard
Location: Lansdale PA
Email: Email Northwind
Director: Mr. Jim McDermott
Phone Number: (215) 393-3559

Guard: The Classics
Location: Allentown, PA
Webpage: The Classics

Guard: PG
Location Northern Phil., PA
Email: Email PG

Guard: Masquerade Visual Ensamble
Location: Johnstown, PA
Web Site: Masquerade VE
Email: Email Masquerade VE

Guard: Phoenix Performance Ensembles (includes: Phoenix Independent "A" Guard, Firebird Senior, & Fireflys)
City: Pittsburg
Directors: Email Phoenix
Website: Phoenix

Guard: Andromeda
Location: North Versailles, PA
Director: Kelly Chadwick
Web Site: Andromeda

Guard: Light Brigade
Location: Philly
Director: Daniel Bostic
Web Site: Light Brigade
E-mail: E-mail Light Brigade


Guard: Emblem 281
Location: Houston, TX
Email: Email Emblem 218

Guard: Nolan
Location: Dallas, TX
Director: Joe Gilberth
Phone Number: 972-231-1096
Webpage: Nolan

Guard: Seranade
Location: Dallas, TX
Director: James Thomas
E-mail: E-mail Seranade