Soctland The Brave.


Patriotic Hymn of Scotland.

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1) Hark when the night is falling

Hear! hear the pipes are calling,

Loudly and proudly calling,

Down thro' the glen.

There where the hills are sleeping,

Now feel the blood a-leaping,

High as the spirits

Of the old Highland men. [chorus]

* * * * *


Towering in gallant fame,

Scotland my mountain hame,

High may your proud standards

Gloriously wave,

Land of my high endeavour,

Land of the shining river,

Land of my heart for ever,

Scotland the brave.

* * * * *

2) High in the misty Highlands,

Out by the purple islands,

Brave are the hearts that beat

Beneath Scottish skies.

Wild are the winds to meet you,

Staunch are the friends that greet you,

Kind as the love that shines

From fair maiden's eyes. [chorus]

* * * * *

3) Far off in sunlit places,

Sad are the Scottish faces,

Yearning to feel the kiss

Of sweet Scottish rain.

Where tropic skies are beaming,

Love sets the heart a-dreaming,

Longing and dreaming

For the homeland again. [chorus]


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