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The Creed Sucks List

This page on the website will be dedicated to lists (obviously). After having recieved so much laughter inspiring hate mail from you Creed morons, I decided that the lists on this page will be dedicated to explaining to you why Creed sucks, why you're an idiot to try and defend Creed, and to listing more reasons to utterly despise Creed. So here goes the first list. It's just the beginning of what, no doubt, will be an exceedingly long list, because it's a list of the reasons why Creed is the worst band on the planet. Click on the reason to see an elaboration.

How doth creed suck? Let me count the ways.

  2. Their music is derivative.
  3. They write bad lyrics. I Can't stress this enough.
  4. Creed IS corporate rock.
  5. They treat their poor naive fans like crap.

Just in case you're an idiot Creed fan whose intentions are to leave me hatemail, I've done you the courtesy of compiling a list of terms and phrases you can apply to yourself. This way, you know exactly what will be said to you if you decide to leave me hate mail. This will save you the trouble of having to leave hate mail in my guestbook and being made to look like the idiot that you are. Of course if you leave it anyway, I will respond. But you have been warned.

  1. Ignorant
  2. moron
  3. idiot
  4. half-wit
  5. dumb-ass
  6. mentally deficient
  7. mentally underdeveloped
  8. mentally retarded
  9. stupid
  10. asshole
  11. degenerate
  12. shit
  13. scum
  14. trash
  15. unqualified for procreation
  16. genetic curse

I was having some quiet thought time the other day, and I suddenly had a Jeff Foxworthy moment. This is what came of it:

You might be a Creed fan if:

  • You can't tell the difference between "your" and "you're"
  • Your most clever retort is "your a faggot"
  • It's standard in your family to have intercourse with your cousins or closer relatives
  • Your IQ is equal to that of a tree stump
  • Your college diploma says "University of Bubba"
  • You disguise your janitorial job by calling yourself a "sanitation engineer"
  • The most sophisticated words in your vocabulary are "fuck, "shit," and "bitch"
  • You can't complete a sentence in standard English
  • You are not even semi-literate
  • You consider "Green Eggs and Ham" fine literature

    more to come............