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Moron #1

Name: Mr. Stapp
E-Mail: none (surprised? you shouldn't be.)
If you could impale any member of Creed who would it be?: Brian Marshall
City/Country:Hes not part of the band
Comments: WHy cant u leave what I have to say on the board? Truth hurts

I'm not sure how to respond to this, because I'm not sure what this confused individual's motivation was. Apparently, he thinks I have been deleting his messages from the message board at the Citizens Against Creed website. This is not the case. Believe me, jackass, if it were up to me your stark ignorance would be posted for all the world to see.

Moron #2

Name: Scott I saved rock STAPP
E-Mail: none (perhaps the concept of e-mail is too complicated for his feeble mind)
If you could impale any member of Creed who would it be?: Brian Marshall
City/Country: Because hes not in the band moron
Comments: What kind of Moron makes a page out of jealousy of a band that has made the big time, and has outplayed any show in america right now? You must have no clue of what is going on in todays society. Teeny boppin bitches listening to the backdoorboys, and N'stink.. electronically created voices. Creed does not have an electronically generated voice, or sound. For someone that probably thinks the ever UNpopular "math rock" or punkrock scene is the greatest rock ever. thats a load of bullshit. Creed Did save rock, Look at all the other rock bands right now, more than half of them are converting to todays sound, trying to keep up with todays everchanging pace. How hard is it to learn how to play 3 chords and sing a song "about a girl" and call your self a math rock musician... just say you suck, and cant play any of the riffs or write any of the lyrics that Creed can... You really have no clue about any kind of music knowledge.

What kind of moron signs a guestbook with someone else's name, specifically the name of the worst lead singer from the worst band in the world. And I know exactly what is going on in society, and Creed has nothing to do with it except to prove that it's fans, like most of society, is severely mentally underdeveloped. Guess what? Creed's biggest audience is "teeny boppin bitches" along with prepubescent school boys, and 40 year old soccer moms in heat. Perhaps Creed should electronically enhance it's sound. Maybe then I can listen to it without my ears bleeding. For an idiot who can hardly complete a sentence in standard English, you have some rather strong, and incredibly ignorant oppinions. Express them elsewhere. You have nothing to say that every other Creed-loving moron with the IQ of a tree stump hasn't already said. If you must bitch and whine to me about your crappy non-rock band, atleast have the common courtesy to state something valid, and please make it coherent. If you can't do that, take this advice: illiterates have no place on the internet. You are just another fool who thinks because Creed is popular, they must be good. I can remember a time when Adolf Hitler was pretty popular over in Germany, but that came to an abrupt end when people rediscovered the long lost art of intelligence. And listen, freak show, Creed did not save rock 'n roll because rock is not in danger. I guess this might be difficult to comprehend for a laggardly hillbilly who gets his only exposure to rock music by sitting on his fat ass, watching mtv, but take my word for it: rock lives and no one (not even that intestinal scrape we call Creed) can kill it. Sadly, there is no hope for Creed, but there is one last hope for you: full frontal labotomy. It's the only thing that can save you now. Please go far far away and never visit this site again, because it will be a waste of your time, although you'll probably just waste it poisoning your feeble mind with Creed. I need music like I need oxygen, I need all the members of Creed to drop dead, but what I definitely don't need is one more degenerate hillbilly coming to my site to make his/her contribution to urban decay.