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I'm much too lazy during the school year to update this site, but I felt compelled to change my disclaimer to one more relevant. Although it's been nearly a year since I made an update to this site, I'm getting an influx of guestbook entries and e-mails regarding it. Many of them are from fellow Creed haters commending me for my efforts. Myriad of them are from imbacilic Creed fans misspelling words, cursing gratuitously in all caps, and generally showing no comprehension of English. Despite what these idiots may think, I'm not at all bothered by any of the things they have to say. They simply aren't intelligent enough to offend or insult me. However, the entries and e-mails from the more pretentious Creed fans (**chuckle**) who don't bother to read any of the site's content, accuse me of being ignorant (because, clearly, Creed's music promotes intelligence and literacy as made evident by numerous Creed fans on this very site), and claim that I give no reasons for my opinion do grow tiresome. As a result, I'm going to make an example of one of these pseudo-intelligent, self-important assholes.

Name: Ryan Gillette
Homepage: http://
If you could impale any member of Creed who would it be?: Brian Marshall
City/Country: USA
Comments: To the person who made this site:
You are clearly uneducated when it comes to music. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but yours is so ignorant, that I cannot bring myself to respect it. First of all, if you are going to trash a band, know something about them. Second of all, if you are going to trash music of any kind, know what you are talking about. It is evident to me that you have no knowledge musically and could not tell me why Creed "sucks" in any intelligent matter. You may not like Creed's style, but you cannot deny that they are talented. Making an anti-Creed site with no basis of judgement other than what you think makes you look like a fool.

I find entries like this hard to fathom. He obviously thinks he's intelligent because he can actually complete a sentence, unlike the majority of Creed's fans. He is not. Read the first line of his entry once more. I am "clearly uneducated when it comes to music." This kid knows absolutely nothing about my musical knowledge, except that I hate Creed. This, somehow, is justification for the derision of my musical knowledge. Do you know the term that we apply to those who make judgments without knowledge? Ignorant. This genius goes on to call my opinions "ignorant." This is a popular one among Creed fans. I'm entitled to my own opinion (he admits this, then contradicts himself), but since my opinions differ from his, mine are ignorant. Can you believe the simultaneous audacity and stupidity? I can have my own opinion, but if it's against Creed it's ignorant.

"It is evident to me that you have no knowledge musically and could not tell me why Creed "sucks" in any intelligent matter."

How can that be evident to him when he hasn't ever met me or held a substantial conversation with me? And to say that I don't give reasons for my hatred of Creed is pure idiocy. There is a page on this site called "The List" that lists my reasons for hating Creed. How much more explicit can I be? I literally spelled it out for the moron. It puzzles and disturbs me when these half-wits attempt to criticize my site and insult me when they haven't even bothered to read the content. Once again, he judges with no knowledge. The poor chap is ignorant. By the way, if that quote made littles sense to you, it's because the idiot meant "manner" and not "matter."

"Making an anti-Creed site with no basis of judgement other than what you think makes you look like a fool."

How so? Isn't that what an opinion is? Isn't an opinion what an individual personally thinks or feels? How can I make a website about my opinions without stating what I think? The two concepts are bound together. Is there some referrence book I can read to substantiate my musical opinions? Is there some sort of encyclopedia or dictionary of music I should look to? No, because musical tastes are based upon opinions, you mentally underdeveloped lemming. Again, I'm called a fool simply because I don't like Creed. This is a classic case of someone too immature to handle someone not sharing his opinions and calling them unwarranted names. This is called being closed-minded. In order to combat idiotic entries like this one, I'm going to reccomend that you do a few things before you sign my guestbook to criticize me or my site:

Thank you, and enjoy.