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Creed Sucks Stories

(this is by no means my artwork. i stole it from subpoprockcity's site)

I now have two Creed sucks stories and various Creed sucks poems(thanks to the people who e-mailed them to me and posted them on CAC). They're under "GO" on the menu bar. I still have a feeling that this is going to be just another boring, incomplete section of my website if I don't get some e-mails with Creed sucks stories and poems. So write me some Creed sucks poems and stories. NOW. Tell me about the first time you heard Creed's music and how much it sucked and horrified you. Tell me about fan experiences you've heard about (you know, about how Scott Crapp neglects his poor ignorant fans). Tell me about how you would destroy Creed if you had the chance (you know, what weapon you'd use on what body part etc. etc.). Tell me anything related to Creed sucking. ANYTHING.

For now, I have nothing more to tell you. Maybe one day I'll find something to motivate my lazy ass into telling you about when I first found out how horrible Creed is. Right now, I'm hungry, dirty, and I don't feel like it.