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Creed definitely does suck (I couldn't possibly say it in a more intelligent way and still fully communicate the intensity with which they suck). I was watching vh1 the other day (i know, i'm almost ashamed to admit it) and "Creed: Behind the music" was on. The stupid narrator or whatever you want to call him kept saying that Creed saved Rock. First of all, rock is not dead, nor is it in danger. It does not need some Pearl Jam knock-off, christ lovin', no-talent, bull shit generating machine (Creed) to save it. Second of all, either everyone in America is a moron or people just don't listen to the music they buy anymore. Do any of these degenerates actually listen to Creed's lyrics? They're terrible, and anyone who would waste precious life or breath arguing otherwise deserves any and every terrible twist of fate that is brought upon them. Any semi-good lyric that Creed might accidently stumble upon is moronic and cliched, and anyone who would voluntarily subject there much needed and obviously lacking brain cells to such agony as Creed's music creates must be terminally ignorant or irreversibly masochistic. The fact that every time i turn on the radio I hear "With arms wide open", makes me want to rip off my own arm, just so i have something to throw at the radio. One of the assholes from Creed (doesn't matter which one, they're all morons) apparently bad mouthed Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder on the air at some radio station. When I heard about this i projectile vomitted, and commensed stabbing myself with an ink pen. This is along the lines of what he said, "Eddie Vedder wishes he could write like Scott." Yes, idiot, Eddie Vedder, one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time, wishes he had the talent of a retarded lab monkey, wrote lyrics unworthy of the sweat off a dead dogs balls, and sang like his vocal chords might be prosthetic. We should all be more like Scott Stapp. (If you don't get the sarcasm, you must be a Creed fan). Anyway, I've been working a bit on the page (when I say a bit I mean that whenever I've got nothing better to do and I can pry my lazy ass away from whatever nothing I'm doing, I work on the page). If you have Creed Sucks stories, Creed Sucks pictures, or anything related to Creed Sucking feel free to e-mail me. Don't be offended if i don't respond immediately because i rarely check my e-mail but i will get around to it.