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The Creed Sucks Journal

friday 6/22

November 22 is doomsday. Yep, that's right. The new Creed album is supposedly coming out that day. I have a feeling that's just something the shitty band and it's record company representatives just made up to appease the millions of dumb asses who are shitting themselves in anticipation of Creed's follow up to Human Crap. We'll see when the day comes, if they were just covering their asses or decided that it would be fun to actually tell the truth this time. I have to say that I'm not looking forward to it, whether they release it that day or on some other ill-fated date. Either way, I have a feeling that every time I flip through the channels and land on MTV or Vh1, I'm going to be bombarded by relentless and shameful promoting of Creed's latest travesty.

wednesday 5/09

The other day I was searching for some new material for the site when I stumbled upon this transcipt of one of those live chat things with Creed. During this chat, Scott Stapp said any number of idiotic things (I know, no surprise there) about himself and his band. These are some of my favorites:

SlayerRob asks: Scott, some have compared you to Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam...what do you think of that comparison?

Scott Stapp: I kick his ass completely! Eddie Vedder keeps changing his vocal style. I'm real, I'm human, it's not about being artsy-fartsy.

ChAiRKoRn asks: Which Creed song would you choose to donate to a compilation album entitled 'crap songs of our time'?

Creed: We wouldn't call any Creed song that, because no creed song is crap

hypoesstess asks: What are your views on animal testing?

Creed: They're making good make-up. I don't really think about it.

Wow, makes you proud to be a member of the human race doesn't it? There are plenty more of those most humble coments from everyone's favorite asshole right here. Read the whole chat. You're sure to be disgusted and your hatred for Creed will be renewed.

friday 4/06

Today at school during lunch, I was walking with my good friend Evita on a cement path outside our school, when we happened upon one of the most startling sights either of us has ever seen. Idiots are always writing in chalk on the cement, and they never write anything intelligent, but today something particularly stupid was written there. In giant semi-ledgible letters were some of the lyrics to "With Arms Wide Open." Written all over the ground!! I stopped dead in my tracks and my mouth dropped open. I knew that there the majority of my schoolmates (like most of the human race) were semi-literate morons, but who knew the ignorance was so far-reaching? If the youth of today is supposed to be America's future, are we all destined to live in a country full of pathetic, inbred Creed fans? I go through enough torture having to hear that bull shit every time I turn on a fucking radio. Now I have to be subjected to it every day, because some useless sack of bladder waste likes to display his/her stupidity to the entire universe.

Oh yeah, written next to it (equally as large) was N'Sync in gigantic bubble letters. Just proves the kind of jack ass that would listen to Creed.