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There are other sites and plenty of published appraisals that celebrate George Hamilton Green's technical prowess and musical genius, however, I am loathe to find one that deals with the matter of his abilities as a visual artist.

I have collected some samples of Green's cartoon renderings that were originally published in Collier's magazine (the last two from The Saturday Evening Post), and have compiled them for you HERE.

I've compiled a partial George Hamilton Green Discography using the Xylotopia Archive holdings, for your perusal.

LEFT: An early marquee for a live GHG appearance

RIGHT: GHG & Myrna Loy, perhaps from a short subject of some kind?

Follow this link for a photo of G.H.Green from a 1921 Edison Re-Creation catalog.

The fantastic photos of George Hamilton Green playing a Leedy Royal Marimba in his studio, of an early Marquee and of GHG with Myrna Loy (all above), were graciously provided by Green's grandson, Don, and are copyrighted by him, (c) 2000. Not to be used without permission for any purpose.