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[Spring 2000] Hey there! Okay...We're just starting with this site. It's majorly under construction. And I don't know about Amanda...but I know I suck seriously at webpages. But that's ok. We'll make it through. Ok so here's the deal...

I'm Joline and I'm in a group named Xpressions. My friend Amanda started it. We're just two girls from Louisiana. Well... We're going to be famous one day. This is just a start. We're starting to get our acts together and we're planning a whole lot. I'm going to try and get some songs that we've sang uploaded onto this page. So just give us some time. We're getting there. Hey... Maybe one day...You'll see us on TRL!!

[Late Spring 2000] Thanks to a great friend (Kade), We now have a Fan Club that's up and running. It's the OFFICIAL FAN CLUB! So go visit the site and Join it!

Amanda and I have also added some info in "Learn about..." So that you could get to know the individuals of Xpressions a little better. You can also e-mail us with anything you'd like to know!

[Summer 2000] Guess what?! We have a webmaster now! this case a webmistress! One of our great friends, Jeannie, will be taking care of the site and making it all pretty! Amanda and I haven't seen much of her work yet, but we're sure she'll do just fine!

Change is good, isn't it?? Well, let's hope so! This site will be moving to another server in a few weeks! So please come back again soon for the link to the new site!! Thanks again for your support!

>> Joline <<



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