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Thursday, 13 April 2006

in date order tell a tale a story of a soul impaled on spikes of choice and freedom .... 10 September 2000

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Updated: Friday, 17 November 2006 18:48 GMT
Tuesday, 17 May 2005

ref no blog datetitlecreated date
33 17/11/06leave or take17/11/06
32 03/11/06you can tell03/11/06
31 08/10/06little by little08/10/06
30 30/06/06taken the decision19/05/06
29 29/05/06flipside of bliss26/05/06
28 23/05/06too shy to talk22/05/06
27 23/05/06time to kill22/05/06
26 23/05/06sit and sense 23/05/06
25 18/04/06let's kid ourselves16/01/06
24 14/04/06please take command13/04/06
23 13/04/06you are in the beginning13/04/06
23 20/03/06feeling like a loosened end16/03/06
22 17/03/06feeling honoured every time16/03/06
ref no blog datetitlecreated date
21 15/02/06there are eyes in the grass08/11/05
20 03/02/06listen03/02/06
19 01/02/06time out01/02/06
18 17/01/06they'd like to wipe14/01/06
17 11/01/06tree trunks stomp01/01/06
16 06/01/06he could not wait01/01/06
15 05/01/06she will give birth05/01/06
14 03/01/06and the truth is03/01/06
1305/09/05tides turn around on society bank05/09/05
1201/09/05so far removed01/09/05
11 29/08/05yellow sticky29/08/05
1022/08/05naked as a baby22/08/05
9 10/06/05come back this way09/06/05
8 04/06/05peace returns like a long lost friend01/06/05
726/05/05where has the summer gone?25/05/05
624/05/05it's the reaching out 12/05/05
520/05/05one seedbed to another19/05/05
4 17/05/05thought that i was innocent12/05/05
3 16/05/05is there something29/04/05
215/05/05when our words14/05/05
114/05/05white beard29/04/05

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Updated: Thursday, 13 April 2006 13:30 BST

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