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Brain Waves and Esoteric frequencies



Brain Waves

Hereunder are the various pulsating low frequency waves generated by our brain, as seen on an EEG (Electro-encephalogram).

It is believed that listening to pulsating low frequencies, with a very low amplitude, can be therapeutic and benefical to our mental health.

Evidently, listening to pulsating low frequencies, with a high amplitude, can be hazardous to the ear and our physical health!


Delta :  0.1 to 3 Hz.

Theta : 3 to 7 Hz.

Alpha : 7 to 13 Hz.

Beta : 13 to 30 Hz.

High Beta : 30 to 500 Hz.



Miscellaneous Weird And Esoteric Frequencies

Meditating, while listening to harmonically related drone sounds, is hypnotic in nature and relaxes the mind and the body. The same can be said of white noise : surf sounds are known to relax the mind before going to sleep!  But, there are other weird frequencies of interest to us : these are all part of the paranormal and esoteric domains.


6.3 Hz. Astral projections, accelerated learning (Buddhism)

7 Hz. Alpha wave (Science)

7.5 Hz. Guided meditation, vibrato, creative thoughts in music. (Hinduism)

7.83 Hz. Earth resonance (Hinduism, Buddhism)

8 Hz. Level for past regressions (Buddhism)

8.3 Hz. Visual imagery of mental objects. (Buddhism)

9 Hz. Awareness of causes of body imbalances (Buddhism)

10.5 Hz. Healing of the body, fire walking (Hinduism)

13 to 30Hz. Beta waves (Science)

35 Hz. Awakening of Chakras (Tantric Yoga)

55 Hz. Stimulating of the Kundalini (Tantric Yoga)

63 Hz. Astral projections (Buddhism)

70 Hz. Mental, Astral projections (Buddhism)

83 Hz. Third-eye opening (Hinduism, Buddhism)

90 Hz. Good feelings (Buddhism)

105 Hz. Overall view of complete situation (Buddhism)

108 Hz. Total knowing (Buddhism)

120 Hz. to 500 Hz. : Moving objects, changing matter, transmutation (Paranormal)