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Some Comments About Analog Gloves

>Tony Cappellini <> wrote: 

Andre' wrote :

>Wouldn't these gloves be considered digital ? Even though they are mercury
>switches, don't they just open and close ?
>Now if a merc switch had a wiper like a pot, that you could controll by
>anlge/movement, that would be more analogue, don't you think ?
No: there is no circuit in the set up, just  ON/OFF switches...:-)
The CV and Gates originate from the analog Synth  -and after manipulation
(switching) by the performer -  are going back to the analog synth for further processing..

Obviously, these simple performance gloves should not be compared to some M.I.D.I Data Gloves, often hooked to sophisticated DSP engines: these kind of

gloves can control and treat any  digital data in real time.

>yes, but at least you  are giving the operator some sort of control away
 >from the synth- neat IDea for performances !!
>I was toying with the idea of modifying the Nintendo Power Glove for Midi
>control- I actually bought one that was modified for the serlai port and
>there was some software on the net to act as a driver- but for midi control
>it would be very crude.
>I'm sure somebody will come out with one with better control.
These are just  my weird ideas for new controllers: we, analog heads,
need them badly.:-)
I heard about the Nintendo Power glove : maybe it could be used for analog
control. What are the specs and how does it work?

>I don' know what the specs are, it basically has resistive pads in the
>fingers that change resistance when the glove is flexed.

>I don't have the glove any more, but they are available on the net here and