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Building A Bank Of Joystick Controllers


This is a drawing of my 8 Analog X/Y Joysticks Panel ( A photograph is not available at this time)

Analog joysticks are wonderful tools for controlling all kind of DC events in an X/Y plane.(X=Left to Right, Y=Down to Up)

If you happen to find some in an electronic surplus store (Yes, you can still find them, but they are very rare), here are some guidelines on the additional hardware needed to build a Bank of Joystick controllers.....



Description of Operation :

DPST Toggle switches (ON/OFF/ON) are used to set the desired polarity for each Joystick axis. (for example, joystick #1 X  axis = +5V DC , while  Joystick  #1 Y axis =  -5VDC).

50KLIN potentiometer are used to set the range of the DC voltage for each axis (for example, the range of Joystick #1  X axis is set to 1Volt ( 1 octave), while the Y axis is set to 3Volt (3 octaves ).

Eight Pushbuttons  (One shot momentary ON) are used to fire Envelope Generators using + 5V or +15V DC voltages.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3 :

Step 4 :

Step 5:

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