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Joysticks Comments

Some insight from my friend Wim

On 12.24.97 Wim Verheyen <> wrote:

>For the joystick : you can eventually do this without the DPST switches.
>Simply connect +5V to one end of the attenuator pots and -5V to the other
>end. Then in the middle position of the pot, you have 0V and going one
>way or the other, you get increasing positive or negative range.

This is another way of doing it. However, for live
performances, I personally prefer to have the +/-switch...For example, if you
have selected the range of the potemtiometer as being +1V, you can
quickly toggle the switch to -1V without having to recalibrate the pot...

>I would also  make the joystick pots 50 K lin, in order to make the range
>of the attenuator pots more predictable (a load of 10 K on the wiper of
>the attenuator pot will make its behaviour far from linear).

 Good suggestion: a 50Klin pot is a better choice...

>And with 50 k pots, you better use a voltage follower after the OutXx.
>Making the attenuator pots a smaller value is not advisable, since they
>will get too much current, get hot and die soon.
> Wim Verheyen, Hasselt, Belgium,
> The Aemit modular analog home, The Kurzweil K2000/K2500 Atomium

Thanks Wim!