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For Immediate Release...

Queen Makedah, dubbed as “one of the best female reggae vocalists in recent years (UA Journal),” whose style fuses the Groove of the Caribbean and the Soul of America, is releasing her long awaited second CD, a Single entitled “Lift You Up” this July 2004 on the Oriyah Music Record Label.

For fans who enjoyed their first album, The Awakening, the new self-produced tracks, “Lift You Up” and the 2 bonus tracks, “I Got Mine” and “Tippin” will do more than satisfy you, they will lift you up.

All 3 of the new tracks demonstrate an exciting and added maturity and depth, both in composition - via co-writer/producer Tuviel Lewis, whose influences include The Abyssinians, Steel Pulse and The Gladiators - and via Queen Makedah, whose style - compared to Sade and Toni Braxton - reaches a new height, incorporating the best of her home-grown jazz/r&b and gospel roots for a sound that will keep you wanting more.

Overall, the music of Queen Makedah is refreshment for the soul.

Here's what people are saying about the new CD:


"If Queen Makedah's Lift You Up is any indication, there's reason to anticipate great things from her upcoming album Spiritual Healing. The latter two tracks on this release are from that album, while the first, "Tippin," is a remix of one from her 2000 debut The Awakening. Queen Makedah has been compared to a mix between Bob Marley and Sade, and while such lofty comparisons should probably be reserved until she has released more material, the point is clear: she melds a sultry R&B edge with a rootsy reggae foundation. Her smoky voice and crossover appeal remind me quite a bit of Diana King. With reggae being as popular in the USA as it's ever been, it seems there's perhaps never been a better time for such a style to succeed. The single "Lift You Up" is certainly a step in the right direction. This effervescent, life-affirming roots tune has the feel of classic and deserves much exposure. "I Got Mine" is a more laid-back affair with intriguing lyrics that tell the tale of a woman betrayed. "Tippin" is more R&B than reggae and thus won't necessarily win over reggae fans, but the other two tracks make this an intriguing EP that begs for further investigation into Queen Makedah's sound. You can hear and purchase it at"

( 2004)

"Kansas City isn’t the place that you’d first think of when discussing reggae or R&B. Queen Makedah through these three tracks changes that mentality. Blending reggae with the traditional sounds of R&B and complementing them with gorgeous lush vocals, Queen Makedah will take you on a vocally adorned journey to the very root of your soul. You’ll love the uplifting lyrics that border on socio-political issues tender to all our hearts. Good stuff." ( Webzine 2004)

PURCHASE the "Lift You Up" CD at (see Music Link)

Reggae Meets Jazz/R&B

With Kansas City’s own, Queen Makedah, Jazz/R&B meet Reggae music for a complete powerhouse of vocal talent, an uplifting message and an incredible sound that captures the Groove of the Caribbean and the Soul of America.

Her style has been compared to Sade meets Bob Marley, with a signature vocal style that draws from traditional Soul, Jazz/R&B and Gospel roots and a lyrical ability reminiscent of India Arie and Lauren Hill - addressing a range of social, political and spiritual issues with a sincerely original Jazzy Reggae Groove that’s totally refreshing in the scheme of today’s corporate generated talent. (see Band Info)

(shown here with Bunny Wailer and Ras Michael)