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Updated 2010-11-06

Here you'll find some funny pot-related soundclips.

"My memories will always be lots of beauty and warmth from grass. Well, that was
my life and I don't feel ashamed at all. Mary Jane, honey, you sure was good ..."

Louis Armstrong

My favourite headshop:
(they even got legal shroom growboxes!)

Hello and welcome!

What is this site about, you may ask. Well here you'll find songs and soundclips that might interest grass smokers. That's about it =)

Hope you like them!

--- Anton ---

Updated 2010-11-06

(now all the links are working, a very special thank you too Sarah A for helping out!)

Tool - Die eier von satan This is a lovely song describing the recepy for space cakes. You gotta listen!
DOA - Marijuana motjerfucker Punk isn't usually much influenced by marijuana (it is more of amphetamine music) but here is an exception.
Tom Petty talks about weed and alcohol When Tom Petty were playing on Storytellers he talked about the background to his song You Don't Know How It Feels. I hope you can hear what he says because it is pretty funny :)
? - The Devil went to Jamaica Justin Craig suggested this one (who wrote it?). Thanks man!
Brian Robbins - Marijuana Nicholas Baxley wrote me regarding this song and provided the link to the song wich includes the lyrics and some background info to the song. Thank you!

Jerry Chiappetta, Jr.,  The Reefer Song (just do a search for 'reefer' and you'll find it on the page)

Jerry e-mailed me about this song and it is really great. One of my favourites.
Two good songs Thanks to Bud for the link!
Robin Williams stand up comedy (894 Kb) Sounds like he knows what he's talking about ;)
Munchies or not? (29 Kb) :-) (Thanks to Char)
Road trip (222 Kb) Taken from the rather entertaining movie Road trip. Recommended for all stoners.
Pot Anthem (647 Kb) The US Anthem with "improved" lyrics :)
 Weedmix A great mix of nice songs (Suggested by: Matty Thanks!)
 Jet Bakers songs Lots of nice songs about our favourite hobby. Sticks and seeds is my favourite one. Jet Baker is a David Peel of the new millenium.
 Marijuana The Band Nice name =)
Willie Nelson - Stop arresting marijuana smokers (200 Kb) Willie Nelson is great! Check him out in wonderful movies like "Wag the dog" and "Halfbaked".
Queen - Backwards message  (111 Kb) Queens Another one bites the dust played backwards. It sounds like "It's fun to smoke marijuana", doesn't it? :)
David Peel - Everybody's smoking marijuana (943 Kb) This is my fave pot song for the moment. I love the sound and the lyrics.
Gamblers - LSD 25 (556 Kb) It's not about pot but I find it interesting anyway.
It's supposed to be the first ever recorded song refering to LSD. It was released as a B-side in 1960 by The Gamblers. Bruce Johnston, who plays the keyboard, later joined the Beach boys.
This 'psychedelic music' is a far cry from Eight miles high and Sgt Pepper.
About hippies (228 Kb) Hmm, sounds like I must be a hippie :)
Crisqo - Bong song (538 Kb) A nice catchy bong song.
Trixie Smith & Sidney Bechet - Jack, I'm mellow (244 Kb) A month ago I found myself wondering if the lyrics to very old songs ever were about drugs. So recently I did some research on the subject and I found many old songs with lyrics about marijuana and also cocaine. Those two drugs seem to, by far, have been the most popular to sing about back in the 30's and 40's.
To the left you can check out one of those golden oldies from 1938.
(The oldest marijuana song I found was from 1927)
Fly stoned (164 Kb) Ahhh, I wish there actually were airlines like this one.
Goodmorning Vietnam (81 Kb) A soundclip from the movie Goodmorning Vietnam.
(Sent in by: Grass man, B. Rouge. Thanks!)
Die Kassier - Haschish aus Amsterdam (253 Kb) Florian H kindly enough sent me the lyrics for this one in enlgish.
Country Joe & the Fish - I like marijuana (431 Kb) The cops came and knocked on my friends door when he played this song over and over again at a party. He got scared, but they only asked him to turn down the volume and then left.
Martin Lawrence - Smoking differently (431 Kb) Mr Lawrence explains the difference between black and white weed smokers. (Sent in by: Dieogo from Cuba. Thanks!)
Unknown - Oh cannabis (557 Kb) The Canadian anthem with new lyrics. (Thanks to: Dan Sorak)
Merle Haggard - We don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee (241 Kb) The beginning of my favourite anti drug song. Muskogge must be a really, really boring place. :)
Pick up girls while on drugs (1140 Kb) Wich drug works best if you're going to pick up someone at a bar? Listen and find out.
David Peel - Pledge (208 Kb)

David Peel is a true hero. If you haven't heard any of his records then you should probably go out and buy one.

Ronald Reagans drug speech (493 Kb) A classic soundclip. Black Grape used this soundclip in their song 'Get Higher'.
Guttermouth - Pot (218 Kb) Well, I like it. 30 seconds of hardcore.
Jim Morrison - New York joint (105 Kb) The Doors was playing live i NYC when someone in the audience tossed a joint at Morrison ...
Mindless drughoover - The reefer song (775Kb) This is a great tune!
X - Smoke some pot An old song with new lyrics. A great tune!
Answering machine (140 Kb) I didn't understand why some people found this one funny until I got an e-mail from Chris explaning it :)
Marijuana council (294 Kb)

Some funny stuff from some radioshow.
(Sent in by: Nils, Gothenburg Sweden. Thanks!)

Potsmoking astronauts (457 Kb) He he, smoking pot in space must be cool!
Annoying stoners (639 Kb) An example of an annoying stoner.
Thundermug - Marijuana song (530 Kb)

A great piece of music!

Jim Stafford - Wildwood weed (1.1 Mb)

Funny redneck song.
(Sent in by: Steve, Brighton UK. Thanks!)

Bill Hicks - Drugs have done good things I love Bill.
Bill Hicks - The Beatles were so high ... More from mr Hicks.
Simpsons - Marijuana (116 Kb) Matt Groening is cool. And I really like the fact that chief Wiggum has a pig nose.

Southpark - Cartmans pot pie (112 Kb)
An edited version sent to me by Etox: Cartmans pot (124 Kb)

Taken from Southpark.

Soutpark - Southpark on pot (934 Kb) Southpark characters who smokes.
Kermit & Bigbird being stoned (1.2Mb)

Sesame street on pot!

Brujeria - Marijuana

The song "Macarena" with new (spanish) lyrics.
(Sent in by: Javier, Arizona. Thanks!)

Potwars - Star wars parody Star wars and pot.
Star wars smoking weed

More Star Wars.

? - What if god smoked cannabis

Joan Osbournes "What if god was one of us" with different lyrics. Noone seems to know who recorded this.

Halfbaked - Used to suck dick (359 Kb) If you haven't seen the movie "Halfbaked" yet, I really think you should.
 Beavis and Butthead smokes bong (83Kb) The boys hit the bong.
(Sent in by: Jim, NYC. Thanks!)
Homer and the bong (65Kb) Homer's the man!
(Sent in by: Also from Jim, NYC. Thanks!)
John Lennon and Stewie wonder snorting coke (178 Kb)

I know this one is not about pot but I thought it was funny anyway.Not a parody or anything, it is for real. Oh, don't do cocain btw, that drug really IS dangerous in the long run.


NEW: Here are some songs that my visitors have requested.
Anyone who can help them identiying the songs?

NB! Big thanks to Brian for lending me some webspace!

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Here are some other songs from my collection (and a nice picture).

If you have any soundclips or songs that you think might be appropriate for this site, please send me a e-mail with a link to it, or tell me the name of the song and artist.

If you are interested in the influence drugs have had on music and musicians, then I can recommend some books for you: "Kaleidoscope eyes" by Jim Derogatis and
"Tomorrow never knows" by Nick Bromell
. But maybe "Waiting for the man" by Harry Shapiro is the best of them all.

Do you have any questions or comments about the songs/clips? Then just send me an e-mail.

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