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How play CDS, MP3, WAVs etc. in a fourm or call

step 1:    at the bottom right hand corner of your screen where the time is you should see a little golden speaker, right click on it and select open volume controls


step 2:  that will bring up a window that looks like such


then click on options>properties


Step 3: that will bring up a window that looks like such:

then in the area that says adjust volume for click on the radio button that says Recording and then in the area that says Show the following volume controls select media medium that you would like to have your sound play from. in our exa,ple we will use Microphone, CD Audio, WAV.

now say for example say you want to play a CD in your fourm, click on the box below the CD Audio volume that says 'select' and start your CD, hold down on your talk key and you will be playing music in your fourm or call.  look at the main Firetalk console and in the participant list and you should see the VU meter next to your microphone icon going up and down which indicates you are indeed playing music in the fourm or call.

You can also play audio files that come over web pages or any other media medium i.e Real Player, Winamp etc. by using the WAV selection. If you dont have a WAV selection you can select Mixer Control or the equivalent(step 3) as one of your media sources.  you might also have to play with the media selection if you dont have the WAV or Mixer Control in the 'adjust volume for' area in step 3.

NOTE: this information is considering you have the same features as i do