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Dragnet Drag - Peter Murphy - a live history

Peter Murphy a live history


July 5th, 1983, at the Hammersmith Palais concert the final nail was driven in the Bauhaus coffin. For Peter Murphy, this new beginning would yield little live material. Public appearances were limited to two interpretive dance
performances, and a stiff "His Box" on "The Old Grey Whistle Test" music show.

1986-1987 "Should the World Fail to Fall Apart" -era

Following a successful album collaboration with Howard Hughes, Peter assembled a touring line-up, and hit the road again, the first real live performance in three years. Following some warm-up gigs in Italy, by UK dates, and a 19-date US small club tour beginning in Boston. Howard Hughes would quit before the American tour to concentrate on his own projects.

Band Personel:
Howard Hughes-rhythm guitar, keyboards (leaves before US tour)
Terle "Ted" Bryant -drums
Eddie Branch -bass (uk decay)
Paul Statham - keyboards (b-movie)(USA rhythmn guitar, full keys)
Pete Bonhas - lead guitar

Date City Venue Recorded? Information
05/23/86 Venice,Italy AUD90
05/28/86 Rome,Italy Piper's Club AUD90-
07/06/86 London,UK Piccadilly Theatre AUD80-
07/08/86 Northampton,UK Derngate AUD80 -
07/??/86 Liverpool,UK Liverpool Royal Court -
0?/??/86 London,UK "In the City" Magazine benefit gig -
10/03/86 Geneva, Switzerland Vernier AUD90-
10/??/86 Glasgow, Scotland Queen Margaret Union AUD90-
10/19/86 Birmingham, UKThe Powerhouse
10/28/86 Leeds, UKLeeds University
10/31/86 Hull, UK Hull University AUD90-
12/13/86 Long Beach, CA Fender's Ballroom -OA:"Easterhouse"
02/10/87 Boston, MA-
02/11/87 Philadelphia, PARevival Club-OA:"Ceiling Zero"
02/13/87 Trenton, NJCity Garden--
02/14/87 New York, NY Ritz Theater AUD80-
02/19/87 Toronto, Canada RPM / Fantasy Club AUD90
02/21/87 Detroit, MI St. Andrew's Hall AUD80covered "Panic in Detroit"
02/22/87 Chicago, IL Metro AUD90
02/24/87 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
02/26/87 Los Angeles, CA The Palace AUD90
02/27/87 San Diego, CA El Cortez Convention CenterAUD80
02/??/87 Santa Clara, CA

1988 Love Hysteria-era

"An Evening with the Church and Peter Murphy" tour toured double-header with the Church (topped bill)

paul statham-keys
eddie branch
pete bonas-lead guitar
mathew sellingham -bass

03/28/88 London, UKSadlers Well Theatre AUD90
04/21/88 Boston, MAParadisa
04/22/88 New York, NY The Ritz AUD60
04/23/88 Trenton, NJCity GardensAUD90
04/24/88 Washington, DC9:30 Club
04/25/88 Washington, DC9:30 Club
04/27/88 Montreal, Quebec, CanadaLe Spectrum
04/28/88 Toronto, Ontario CanadaR.P.M. Club
04/29/88 Detroit, MISt. Andrew's Hall AUD80
04/30/88 Cleveland, OHPhantasy Theatre
05/03/88 Pittsburgh, PAGraffitti's
05/04/88 Columbus, OH
05/05/88 Cincinnati, OHBogart's AUD60
05/06/88 Chicago, IL Metro AUD75
05/07/88 Milwaukee, WIEagles Club
05/10/88 San Francisco, CAThe Fillmore OA:"Passion Fodder"
05/11/88 Santa Clara, CAOne Step Beyond
05/13/88 Los Angeles, CA John Anson Ford Theatre CD50commercially bootlegged- "Exotic"
05/14/88 Pasadena, CA Perkin's Palace AUD90
05/15/88 San Diego, CA
05/16/88 San Juan-Capistrano, CA Coach House AUD90
05/25/88 London, UK Town & Country Club AUD90
06/09/88 ?,Japan
06/12/88 ?,Japan
07/27/88 Porto, Portugal Teatro Rivoli AUD100
08/11/88 Phoenix, AZ
08/12/88 San Diego, CA California Theater AUD90
08/13/88 Hollywood, CA The Hollywood Paladium
08/14/88 San Francisco, CA Orpheum Theater AUD90
08/16/88 Salt Lake City, UT
08/18/88 Denver, CO
08/20/88 Dallas TX
08/21/88 Austin, TX
08/22/88 Houston, TX
08/23/88 New Orleans, LA
08/24/88 Birmingham, AL
08/26/88 Atlanta, GA
08/27/88 Atlanta, GA
08/29/88 Melbourne, FL
08/30/88 Tampa, FL
09/01/88 Miami, FL Club 1235
09/02/88 Orlando, FL Visage
09/03/88 Jacksonville, FL
09/05/88 Chapel Hill, NC
09/06/88 Norfolk, VA
09/07/88 Philadelphia, PA
09/08/88 Washington. DC
09/10/88 Boston, MA Beacon Theater
09/11/88 New York, NY

1990 Deep- era - "A Strange Kind of Love" Tour

the Hundred Men:
pete bonas- lead/accoustical guitar
paul statham-keys
eddie branch-bass

Included Japan , Germany, Spain dates notable openers include NIN

02/09/90Tokyo, JapanShibuya Kodido VID90
03/06/90 Phoenix, AZ
03/07/90San Diego,CA California Theatre AUD90
03/09/90Los Angeles,CA Wiltern Theatre AUD90
03/10/90Los Angeles,CA Wiltern Theatre
03/11/90 Ventura, CA
03/12/90 San Francisco, CA Warfield OA:"House of Love"
03/14/90 Salt Lake City, UT
03/16/90 Boulder, CO
03/18/90 Tulsa, OK
03/19/90Dallas, TX Arcadia Theatre
03/20/90Houston, TX Cullen Performance Hall OA:"Nine Inch Nails"
03/21/90 New Orleans, LA
03/23/90 St Petersburg FL Mahaffey Theatre FM60 venue often mis-spelled "Mahassey"
03/24/90 Orlando, FL Beacham Theater OA:"Nine Inch Nails"
03/25/90 Miami, FL
03/27/90 Atlanta, GA
03/28/90 Atlanta, GA
03/29/90 Raleigh, NC Civic Center AUD90
03/??/90Glenside, PA Kesswick TheatreOA:"Nine Inch Nails"
03/31/90Owings Mills MD Painter's Mill, AUD75
04/02/90Cincinnati,OH Bogarts AUD60
04/03/90 Cleveland, OHPhantasy TheatreAUD90 OA:"Nine Inch Nails"
04/04/90 ?Minneapolis, MN? ?First Avenue?
04/05/90 Milwaukee, WI Varsity Theatre
Marquette University
OA: Nine Inch Nails
04/06/90?Chicago, IL? ?Cabaret Metro? AUD
04/07/90Chicago,IL Cabaret Metro FM66OA:"Nine Inch Nails"
04/09/90Detroit, MI Latin Quarter OA:"Nine Inch Nails"
04/10/90 Boston, MA Citi ClubAUD90 OA: "Nine Inch Nails"
04/11/90New York City, NY The Ritz AUD80OA: "Nine Inch Nails"
04/12/90Norfolk, VA The Boathouse OA:"Nine Inch Nails"
04/13/90Richmond, VA Floodzone OA:"Nine Inch Nails"
04/14/90Washington, DC Lisner Auditorium
OA: "Manifesto"
04/15/90 Baltimore, MD (?)- -
04/17/90 Toronto, Ontario, CAToronta Concert Hall AUD90
04/18/90 Montreal, Canada Le Metropolis AUD90
04/21/90New York City,NY Manhattan College AUD84
04/30/90Norfolk, VA The Boathouse Co-billed with "The Church"
05/17/90London,UK Town & Country Club CD77
05/29/90 Paris, France Elysee Montmarie AUD90
07/05/90 Indianapolis, IN
07/06/90 Milwaukee,WI Sommerfest AUD60
07/07/90 Chicago, IL Riviera AUD90
07/08/90 Detroit, MI
07/10/90 Toronto, Ont Canada
07/11/90Buffalo,NY Riviera Theatre AUD 80
07/12/90 Hampton, NH
07/13/90 Boston, MA Citi Club AUD90
07/14/90 Bristol, CT
07/16/90 Philadelphia, PA
07/17/90 New York, NYPalladium OA: "House of Love" and "Plan B"
07/18/90 Washington, DC Lisner Auditoreum
07/19/90 Pittsburgh, PA
07/20/90 Columbus, OH
07/21/90 Nashville, TN
07/23/90 Houston, TX
07/24/90 Austin, TX
07/25/90 Dallas, TX
07/27/90 Denver, CO
07/29/90 Salt Lake City, UT
07/30/90 Phoenix, AZ
08/03/90Santa Clara,CA Redwood Amphitheatre
Great America theme park
08/04/90 Santa Barbara, CA
08/05/90 San Diego, CA Symphony Hall AUD90OA: "House of Love"
08/07/90 Los Angeles, CA
Universal City
Universal Amphiheatre CD40 /
(full show)
OA:"House of Love"
08/08/90 Hollywood, CA The Palace AUD90
10/05/90 Oberhausen, Germany Staathalle-Music Circus AUD90
10/07/90 Berlin, Germany Metropol AUD90
10/08/90 Hamburg, Germany Grosse Freiheit AUD90
10/09/90 Bonn, Germany Biskuithalle AUD90

1992 The Holy Smoke Tour

-tour 32-dates
bonas-lead/acc guitars
eddie branch-bass
statham-keys, accoustic guitars
terl bryant-drums

04/19/92 Duesseldorf, Germany AUD50
04/23/92 Los Angeles, CA "The Dennis Miller Show" (TV app.) VID "The Sweetest Drop" and "Cuts you Up" were performed
04/28/92 New York, NY Limelight 120 Minutes/Dave Kendall's Birthday show
06/05/92 Chicago, IL Riviera AUD90
06/??/92 Detroit, MI
06/07/92 Toronto, Canada Kingswood Music Theater AUD82-
06/??/92 Montreal, Canada
06/??/92 New York City, NY Roseland AUD73
06/10/92 Buffalo, NY Icon Club VID90-
06/11/92 Boston, MA Avalon OA: the Nymphs
06/??/92 Washington, DC
06/??/92 Baltimore, MD
06/??/92 Norfolk, VA
06/19/92 Atlanta, GA Center Stage OA: the Nymphs
06/??/92 Orlando, FL
06/22/92 Miami Beach, FLCameo Theatre VID60-
06/??/92 St. Petersberg, FL FM20note: ASKoL promo cd5 claims May '92
06/??/92 New Orleans, LA
06/26/92 Austin, TXK-NACK Fest PM was the headliner. OA: "Soup Dragons, Material Issue, Live, Cracker, Nymphs, Flaming Lips, and Sun 60"
06/??/92 Dallas, TX
06/??/92 Houston, TX
06/??/92 San Diego, CA
06/??/92 Phoenix, AZ
07/01/92 San Diego, CACopley Symphony Hall --
07/02/92 Anaheim, CACelebrity Theatre --
07/03/92 Los Angeles,CAThe Greek Theatre --
07/06/92 Ventura,CA Ventura Theater FM43 (FM from cd: In Concert New Rock/Westwood One)
07/??/92 Fresno, CA
07/08/92 Sacramento, CA Sacramento Community Center Theatre
07/10/92 Asbury Park, CA Paramount Theatre AUD90-
07/??/92 Santa Clara, CA
07/11/92 San Francisco, CA Warfield
0?/??/92 Portland, OR
07/20/92 Vancouver, CAN VID
07/??/92 Seattle, WA

1995 Cascade-era tour - "Wild Birds" tour

mostly with Atlantic Records label-mate "Jewel".

"I wanted to kill myself after every show" -Jewel, on the fan response during this tour (Rolling Stone issue 736 - June 13, 1996)

??/??/95 New York, NYMTV Studios VID guest host on MTV's 120 Minutes. Performed "Disappearing" in the studio
07/07/95 Portland, OregonRoseland Theatre - -
07/08/95 Seattle, WA Moore Theater AUD92 -
07/10/95 Sacremento, CA--
07/11/95 San Francisco, CAWarfield--
07/12/95 Los Angeles,CA Wiltern Theatre
07/13/95 San Diego, Ca Spreckles TheatreOA:"Jewel"
07/14/95 Las Vegas, NV
07/15/95 Salt Lake City, UTFairpark ColleseumOA:"Jewel"
07/16/95 Winter Park (Denver), CO American Music Festival
Winter Park Ski Resort
Peter 2nd on the festival bill, "Widespread Panic" headliner
07/18/95 Tempe, AZHayden Square Amphitheatre
07/20/95 Austin TX Liberty LunchAUD80OA:"Jewel"
07/21/95 Dallas TX Bomb Factory AUD81 -
07/22/95 Houston, TX Numbers -OA: "Jewel"
07/23/95 New Orleans, LA
07/25/95 Miami Fl Cameo Theatre VID99-
07/26/95 Orlando,FL The EdgeOA: "Jewel"
07/27/95 Atlanta,GA The Ritz
07/28/95 Charleston, SC
07/29/95 Norfolk, VA
07/31/95 Washington,DCRadio Music Hall
08/01/95 Philadelphia,PA
08/02/95 New York City,NY The AcademyOA: "Jewel"
08/0?/95 New Haven, CT
08/0?/95 Providence, RI
08/05/95 Boston,MA
08/08/95 Rochester ,NY Harrow East TheatreOA: "Jewel"
08/10/95 Toronto Canada The Phoenix AUD84OA:"Jewel"
08/??/95 Cleveland, OH
08/12/95 Cincinnati, OH
08/13/95 Chicago IL Vic Theatre FM70
08/14/95 Pontiac, MI Industry
08/??/95 Milwaukee, WI
08/15/95 Indianapolis, IN The VogueOA:"Jewel"
08/18/95 Albany, NY (?) Empire State Plaza (?)OA: "Jewel"

1997 - Bauhaus Resurrection

2000 - PM2000 Tour

In support of the "Wild Birds" best-of album. Following the tour were two stripped-down one-off appearances (Convergence & Turkey).
Peter Distephano (Jane's Addiction, Porno for Pyros, Polar Bear)- guitar
Erik Avery (Jane's Addiction) - bass
Doug DeAngelis (Nine Inch Nails) - keyboards
Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus)-drums

The Peter Murphy 2000 Tour

02/26/00 Mexico City El Circo VoladorAUD98
03/01/00 Anaheim CA Sun Theatre
03/03/00 San Francisco, CA Warfield
03/04/00 Portland, OR Roseland AUD100
03/05/00 Vancouver, BC, CAN Commodore Ballroom
03/06/00 Seattle, WA Show Box
03/08/00 Salt Lake City,UTFairpark Horticulture Bldg
03/10/00 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
03/12/00Milwaukee, WIRave
03/13/00 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
03/14/00 Chicago, IL RivieraWEB
03/16/00 Pontiac, MI Clutch Cargo
03/17/00 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Guvernment
03/18/00 Cleveland, OH Odeon Concert Club
03/20/00 Washington DC 9:30 Club
03/21/00 New York, NY Irving Plaza
03/22/00 New York, NY Irving Plaza
03/24/00 Boston, MA Roxy
03/25/00 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
03/27/00 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
03/28/00 New Orleans, LA House of Blues
03/29/00 Austin, TX La Zona RosaAUD110
03/30/00 Dallas, TX Deep Ellum LiveAUD110
04/01/00 Mesa, AZ Nile Theatre
04/02/00 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues
04/03/00 LA, CA House of Blues
04/04/00 Los Angeles, CA House of BluesWEB100-
04/05/00 San Diego, CA 4tn and BCD110-

05/28/00 Seattle,WA Convergence 6
The Showbox
WEB secret performance
OA:Voltaire & Attrition
07/13/00 Istanbul, Turkey Babylon Club

2000 - Just For Love Tour

Peter Distephano - guitar
Hugh Marsh - Violin

No opening bands, all shows featured a screening of "The Grid" movie.

11/05/00 Plainville, NY Vanderbilt OA: The Grid movie (all shows)
11/06/00 Boston, MA Axis -
11/08/00 New York, NY Irving Plaza -
11/09/00 Philadelphia, PATheatre of the Living Arts -
11/10/00 Washington, DC9:30 Club -
11/11/00 Pittsburgh, PAThe Metropol -
11/12/00 Pontiac, MI Clutch Cargo --
11/13/00 Detroit, M St. Andrews Hall AUD
11/14/00 Chicago, IL Metro -
11/15/00 Minneapolis,MNFirst Avenue - -
11/17/00 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre --
11/18/00 Salt Lake City, UT DV8 --
11/20/00 Vancouver, BC, CanadaRichards on Richards --
11/21/00 Seattle, WA The Showbox - -
11/22/00 Portland, OR Roseland Theatre AUD74-
11/24/00 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall - -
11/25/00 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall --
11/27/00 Santa Ana, CA Galaxy Concert Theatre AUD74 -
11/28/00 San Diego,CA 4th & B - -
11/30/00 Los Angeles, CA El Ray CD 79album: "A Live- Just For Love"
12/01/00 Los Angeles, CAEl Ray -encores released on AL-JFL
12/03/00 Mexico City, Mexico Salon XXI AUD incomplete recording-5 tracks

02/24/01 Istanbul, Turkey Babylon Club OA:"Tribal Trio"

2002 Dust Tour

information coming soon - check the main page


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