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Hey! Welcome to our site! This is our first fanfic site, so we hope you like it! We'll put more up in the future and if you'd like us to host your story just email us at nicks_lil_angel_fanfic@yahoo.com. B4 u leave, plz sign our g-book! Thx!

~christina & fatema~

P.S. This is for all of Fate's friends who are reading this. IT'S NOT BIG DEAL, OK???? it's just a freakin story and it doesn't mean anything, so who the hell cares about fucking Imran and Fate?? if Fate wants to write about her and him, let her!!!! i thank you for spreading the word about our site, but we wrote this story because we like BSB and imran just happened to be it too!!! so, stop making a big deal out of it, ok???~


~*~Our Stories~*~

~I Promise You This...Forever~       Status: Unfinished       Updated: Mar. 15/01

This is our first fanfic. It is about all the guys, 5 girls trying to make it in the real world and a little about some other boybands.


~Thx to all those ppl who helped us have more than 500 hits!!!~

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