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Only 4 described at the moment (I will add the others soon).

Established June,24th,1999. Last update January,7th,2001.
This page is still under development. Most of the photos are also available in large size JPEG format by clicking on them.
visitors since October,9th,1999.
Fender Vintage Stratocaster 1957 (factory U.S.A replica).
My main electric guitar 1986 Fender U.S. Vintage 57' Stratocaster. My friend had bought it because he's been Eric Clapton fan. A few years later he needed the money to buy himself a flat and he's sold the guitar to me.

Not a Martin, but not so far away...

My main accoustic mid nineties Taiwan - made MARINA (it had been broken and repaired by music store before I've bought it secondhand). This guitar has solid top and mahogany sides - and fantastic sound (before it was even better, but for ease of playing I've lowered the bridge and put medium strings on it.

Fender Telecaster 1978.

In the year 1989 I bought in Novo mesto Fender 1978 Telecaster secondhand. The guitar has had fantastic clean sound, but it howled (microfonic feedback) so much, that I've installed Seymour Duncan Alnico II pickups. I could play it louder, but the clean sound has suffered. Cca 5 years ago I disassembled the guitar and my mother Breda has painted it. Now it's waiting for the last coats of paint and the final assembly...

My first guitar...

My first guitar MELODIJA Mengeš (cca 1976-77). Jazz guitar with violin ports. It had very slim neck. After two years I've installed a pickup to play it through the amplifier. Due to the damaged braces inside I've cut the neck off to made an electric slide guitar - which I had never done in the end. That's what has left of it...

Citroen DS Club of Slovenia
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