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HIP - the Harmonica Information Publication
The magazine for harmonica players, by harmonica players
Why be confused? Get HIP!
HIP is packed with a wealth of information about the harmonica - lore, interviews, reviews, humor, and plenty of instruction, written by people who understand and care about the harmonica. From the high quality of writing to the professional layout, HIP reflects our commitment to broad and deep coverage of the instrument we love and can't get enough of.

    HIP No. 1 HIP Issue No. 1
Harp in mouth never 
tasted so good! HIP No. 1 Details  
HIP No. 2 HIP Issue No. 2 
with John Popper HIP No. 2 Details HIP No. 3 HIP Issue No. 3 
with Steve Baker HIP No. 3
       Details HIP No. 4 HIP Issue No. 4 
with Howard Levy HIP No. 4 Details
HIP No. 5 HIP Issue No. 5
Yup - that's Bill Clinton. 
Does he really play that Filisko?
 His laywers aren't talking. HIP No. 5