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HIP - The Harmonica Information Publication
Discrete Comb
tab font
  • HIP - the Harmonica Information Publication
  • The magazine for harmonica players, by harmonica players. Find out why it's considered an incredible resource.
  • The Discrete Comb
  • The Ultimate Bending Machine enables every reed in the harmonica to bend both up and down in pitch by several semitones.
  • Harmonica Tab Fonts
  • Want to write harmonica tab on your PC? It's easy with Fletch Diatonic or Chromatic Sans.
  • The Harmonica Resource Guide
  • Looking for something harmonica related? The Resource Guide is your one-stop information resource.
  • Harmonica Writer's Guide
  • The harmonica community needs good writers to write about products, personalities and goings-on. Interested? Check out this guide.
  • MIDI Practice Tracks
  • Soundblaster-compatible tracks written for harmonica to play along with. Learn that groove, that progression, that position. Check out the free samples.


  • Tutorials and samples
  • There soon will be tutorials and downloadable free samples sprinkled through the product pages. Feel free to wander and check them out.