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about the author
About the author

Name: Jennifer Anne Leffler

Birthdate: July 9th 1980

Home: Floyd Knobs, Indiana

I am a 24 year old college student, I attend Indiana University Southeast School of Education. My major is in Secondary English Education. I play the violin, guitar, piano, and mandolin. As you can tell I am a devoted Hanson fan. These are the concerts I have attended: Albertane tour, Charlotte; This Time Around tour, Louisville promotional concert (front row), Indianapolis, Cincinatti, Louisville, Memphis and Nashville; Underneath tour Nashville and Louisville. I finally had my "Hanson experience" in Memphis, I was waiting by the door of their bus and here comes Taylor. As he came by he put both of his hands in mine and smiled :) I didn't want to wash my hands after that. In Cincinatti I had such a freaky experience. I was in the 10th row aisle seat, looking through my binoculars at Zac, I guess he saw me because he looked right back at me. It was like he was looking at the binoculars so his eyes were locked with mine for about 15 seconds. I can't describe that feeling. Well, you have probably heard enough of me talking about my experiences, let me know about yours in my guest book. Mmmbye

Me 7 years ago.