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about hanson
About Hanson

Hanson Started performing together in 1992, they were inspired by artist such as, Chuck Berry, Aretha Franklin, Bobby Darin, Johnnie Taylor, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, The Supremes, The Beach Boys, Otis Redding, The Monkee's, Sly and the Jackson 5. On Wensday night Diana and Walker would go out for dinner and the boys were suppose to clean up and do the dishes. Instead when they came back the boys had written a song. Thir parents have quite a musical background. Walker can play the piano and Diana was once a professional singer. Diana taught the boys to say Amen in harmony at the dinner table. Christopher Sabec was having lunch at a restaraunt in Austin, Texas, unaware of his subsequent fate. He was approached by three brothers Hanson, who had flown out to the South by Southwest Music Convention for unsigned bands in hope of landing a record deal. Needless to say, they had not been successful and found themselves inside the aforementioned restaurant, wandering through an audience of diners. Sauntering over to Sabec's table, they asked politely if they could sing a cappella for him. No one else was paying them any attention, so he agreed to their request for an impromptu performance. Immediately awe-struck, he promptly asked to speak to their parents, and was virtually inaugurated on the spot as the groups manager. Although everything was still looking rosy, Sabec and the boys were to have a tough spell between 199-1995. They did not waste any time in trying to sell Hanson to the major record companies, but during that three year stretch twelve labels actually passed on them (including their eventual home, Mercory). There were no signatures to be scribbled on contracts this time around. Sabec remarked that most labels had advised him to "get away from this act as fast as possible." Some had even gone so far as to say Hanson would do no more than ruin and humiliate their manager. Events had taken a bleak (yet temporary) turn for the worse, they continued to perform and released a series of tapes which they sold at they performances. This is what brought Hanson to the world with "Boomerang" "Mmmbop" "Middle of Nowhere" and their hit single "Mmmbop". After many fans begging to here their old songs they released "3 car garage" and "Snowed In". They have been bringing us unbelievable music since then going on the Albertane tour and This time around, The best if you ask me. There is another album on the way!