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~Cool Hanson Quotes~

"We're three guys who write, play and sing our music. That's what Hanson is."~Taylor

"It is important for people to know how much our music means to us"~Taylor

"I like food. Anything fried in bacon grease." Zac~

Girls Life Magazine:"what is your most treasured memory?" Isaac: I hate these questions. I guess it would have to be when I got my car." Taylor: "It's a minivan." Isaac: "It's not a minivan! It's NOT a minivan!"

"Save a tree. Eat a beaver!" Zac~

"One time I was walking into this restaurant and this guy held the door open for me. And I looked over there and said 'Oh my God he thinks I'm a girl'." ~Taylor

"Girls definatly do not have cooties." ~Isaac

"Look at that cute girl, oh wait that's me." ~Zac the first time he saw himself on MTV

"Well, we have been writing songs about our wives and our girlfriends leaving us before we could even care." ~Isaac

"We are Ike, Tay and Zac, not Posh, Spicey, Butter and Rare or whatever their names are."

"Yeah I'm weird. I put the milk in before the cereal." ~Zac

"I'm Puff Brocalli, everybody loves me, I'm Puff Broccali!" ~Isaac

"I get embarrased really easily. We were at a McDonalds once, and we were waiting in line to order our food. All of a sudden there was whispering going up and down the line. People were saying "Hanson...Taylor" and things like that. No one said anything to me. They just whispered. And I was standing there. In the end I just got my food and ran out." ~Taylor

"Thou shalt have a frog in thy bathroom." ~Isaac

"You're just jealous because this gurl was flirting with me after the concert because I'm so fine." ~Zac

"You never know what you have until it passes you by." ~Taylor

"Don't spew on the audience! Bad move." ~Taylor

"Lets play guns, and knives, and motorcycles!" ~Zac

"Did you know Mmmbop spelled backwards is pobmmM?" ~Isaac

"I'd try and play with my sisters. I'd take Zac's power rangers and their barbies and marry them. Then they'd tell me to stop playing with her 'cuz I was upsetting her." ~Taylor

"I would cry if a girl was with me and I wanted to look sensitive." ~Zac

"There's a weird fact that if you drop a penny off the Empire State building in New York you'd kill someone. I feel really bad because I dropped a nickle off there once!" ~Taylor

"I don't tend to get girls as fans. I just get all the young guys and weirdos." ~Zac"

"I got into a fist fight once because a guy picked on Tay. He was a friend and he threw Taylor against the wall and made his nose bleed. I went mad. He wasn't a friend after that." ~Isaac

"Actually when I get my permit, I worry for the people on the sidewalk." ~Taylor

"The internet is basically just a giant gossip session." ~Taylor

"Make life like toilet paper...long and usefull!" ~Zac

"We were coming out of a radio station, and there were about 2,000 people outside this station, and this 40 year old woman jumps up and grabs my hair! I'm going 'have some control, woman'." ~Taylor

"No we never went to school period...we're like 1=4=...2" ~Zac on homeschooling

"We're just three dorks from Oklahoma." ~Isaac

"You're still the same person you were five minutes ago when nobody cared." ~Taylor

"The dumbest question we have ever been asked was 'How did you guys meet?'" ~Taylor

"We're just here to make music and have fun while doing it. Critisize us all you want." ~Taylor

"If I limited myself I would just prove myself wrong." ~Isaac

"For some reason people have a love-hate factor with Hanson. A lot of teen bands are critisezed for being fake, but the're not hated. I think it scares people that we could be real." ~Taylor

"I think music is always evolving, things are always changing. People are always changing what they like...But we've always been doing what we love to do. We weren't worrying about what other bands were doing. We do what we do and they do what they do. Thats the way of the world." ~Isaac