William KELSEY





1600 - ca1680



Father:  George KELSEY

Mother:  Elizabeth HAMMOND



Family 1 : ENGLAND [perhaps married a second time in Hartford]



1.  Mark KELSEY

2.  Bethia KELSEY

3.  Priscella KELSEY

4.  Mary KELSEY

5.  John KELSEY

6.  Abigail KELSEY

7.+Stephen KELSEY

8.  Daniel KELSEY

9.  William KELSEY






                                                         ___George KELSEY_______                                                    

                                                         |          (ca1546 - ca1575)  m                                                      



 ____George KELSEY________|                                                                                                          

|        (1572 - ....)  m 1599                |                                                                            

|                                                        |                                                   

|                                                        |                                                   

|                                                        |__Johanne ?????_________                                                           

|                                                                   (1550 - ....)  m         




|- - William KELSEY                                                                                                                 

|   (1600 - ca1680)  m                                                                                                                      ___John HAMMOND____

|                                                                                                         __John HAMMOND____|    (1475 - 1528)  m

|                                                                                                         |   (1510 - 1550)  m ca1540   |___Johanna ?????_______

|                                                    ___Thomas HAMMOND___|                                                  (ca1479 - 1542)  m

|                                                    |      (1545 - 1589)  m 1573          |

|                                                    |                                                    |___Agnes GARROLD___

|                                                    |                                                         (1524 - 1576)  m ca1540

|__Elizabeth HAMMOND___|

      (1574 - ....)  m 1599               |



                                                     |____Rose TRIPPE________

                                                         (ca1549 - 1605)  m 1573
































1628 - Mark is born


1630 - Bethia is born


1632 - Priscilla is born; moved to America, settled in Cambridge

1633 - Mary is born


1635 - made a Freeman

1636 - John is born; moved to Hartford









1645 - Abigail is born


1647 - Stephen is born



1650 - Daniel is born




1654 - William is born and dies young





































Part of Thomas Hooker's "Congregation of Braintree" near Newtowne, Cambridge. There is mention of him there on 29 MAR 1632 (before Hooker arrived there). Freeman on 4 MAR 1635. He followed Hooker to Hartford, Connecticut, in JUN 1636. Perhaps because of a religious dispute involving his daughter Bethia, he sold his house in Hartford on MAR 1663 (to his son Stephen) and moved to the new settlement called "Killingworth." On 11 MAY 1671, he is mentioned as the deputy from Killingworth to the General Court at Hartford (held in "Jeremy Adams' Tavern"). His date of birth is established by mention of him in a SEP 1674 Court in Harford (Private Controversies, Hartford, Vol. 1, 128). Also mentioned in Winthrop's Journal (Vol. I, 104-105). The link below goes into minute detail about surviving records of William Kelsey.


The long tradition that assumes that William Kelsey's wife's name was "Bethia Hopkins" is based on Hinman's misreading the 1663 record regarding William Kelsey's daughter Bethia and her husband David Phillips. This confusion was further compounded by attempts by zealous genealogists to link this "Bethia Hopkins" to the pilgrim Stephen Hopkins. There is no reliable record of William Kelsey's wife.


Edward A. Claypool and Azalea Clizbee. "A Genealogy of the Descendants of William Kelsey: A genealogy of the William Kelsey family who settled at Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1632; at Hartford, Connecticut, in 1636; and at Killingworth, Connecticut, in 1663." Vol. I (New Haven: Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, 1928).

"WILLIAM KELSEY, born in England about 1600, died about 1680 at Killingworth and was probably buried there. He married, probably about 1625-1628 in England, BETHIA HOPKINS(?), born about 1605-1610, in England; died (???). (Bethia possibly died about 1636 and William may have married a second wife shortly after this, who would thus have been
the mother of the four younger children, and possibly of John6.) There is no mention of William Kelsey's wife in any known records.

Children: 9 (KELSEY), five sons and four daughters.

*2 i MARK, born about 1628; died before Feb. 27, 1722/3.
3 ii BETHIA, born about 1630; died (???); married before Sept. 1665, DAVID PHILLIPS. That this Bethia Kelsey, wife of David Phillips, was a daughter of William1 seems beyond contradiction. Hinman says that it was Bethia Kelsey, widow of William1 who became the wife of David Phillips of Milford, but the Hartford Town Records disprove this by the record of Sept. 1665, when it was voted that "the town will give tenn pounds to David Phillips, of Milford provided he remove from Hartford with Bethia Kelsy (wrongly copied as Kelly) his wife, at such a time as the townsmen appoynt him." As William1 was living for at least ten years after this meeting, it could not have been his widow who was here named, so it must have been a
daughter. Nothing further is known of Bethia and her husband, David Phillips.
*4 iii PRISCILLA, born about 1632; died (???).
*5 iv MARY, born about 1633; died Apr. 18, 1676.
*6 v JOHN, born about 1636; died July 22, 1709.
*7 vi ABIGAIL, born April 19, 1645; died May 12, 1717.
*8 vii STEPHEN, born Nov. 7, 1647; died Nov. 30, 1710.
*9 viii DANIEL, born July 6, 1650; died June 5, 1727.
10 ix WILLIAM, born Mar. 23, 1654; died (???). It is supposed that he died young, without issue, before the family removed to Killingworth."


Savage's Genealogical Dictionary, Vol. III, p. 7.


"KELSEY, DANIEL, s. of William, went to L. I. where the fam. name has spread. JOHN, Hartford, s. of William, freem. 1668, m. Phebe, d. of Nicholas Disbrow, rem. to Killingworth; was lieut. d. 1709, leav. w. Hannah, ch. John, Joseph, Josiah, and three ds. ws. of Joseph Wilcoxson, Nathaniel Parmelee, and John Lane. MARK, Windsor, not br. of the preced. m. 8 Mar. 1659, Rebecca Hoskins, had Rebecca, b. 2 Jan. foll. and John, wh. d. young. His w. d. 28 Aug. 1683, and within four mos. he took sec. w. Abigail Atwood, wh. d. 28 Mar. 1713. STEPHEN, Hartford, s. of William, m. 15 Nov. 1672, Hannah, eldest d. of John Ingersoll, first of Westfield, not "Higginson of Wethersfield," as Hinman, p. 151, says, and repeats, 261; had Hannah, b. 1675; Stephen, 20 Sept. 1677; John, 20 Jan. 1680; Daniel, 14 Sept. 1682; William, 19 Feb. 1685; James, 21 Aug. 1687; and Charles, 15 June 1692; and d. 30 Nov. 1710. WILLIAM, Cambridge 1632, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rem. to Hartford, thence, a. 1663, to Killingworth, but at H. the only ch. b. were Abigail, in Apr. 1645; Stephen, 7 Nov. 1647; and Daniel, Feb. 1650; but, no doubt, others were omit. in the rec. or were earlier b. at C. was rep. in 1671, when the rec. is Callsey, but oft it is Kelse, Kelso, Kelsea, Kelsa, or Kelsy.  Ano. WILLIAM, of Hartford, by w. Abigail had Abigail, b. 1694; Jonathan, 1696; Ruth, 1698; and he d. that yr."


Harleian Society Publications, Vol. XIV, p. 588.


"George Kelsey of Thorpe in County Essex, descended out of Cheshire; wife Elizabeth, daughter of William Hamond of Westmill Bury, in County Hertford; issue: WILLIAM; HENRY (second son) of Gray's Inn, Barrister, etc., of Winchester, England, married Mary, daughter of (???) Maning, chancellor of Exeter; JOHN, of Chelmsford in County Essex, married Martha, daughter of  Jeoffrey Lingwood, of Braintree in County Essex."


Proprietors' Records of Cambridge:

"William Kellsie--In the Towne one house with Garden and backside aboute halfe a roode Creeke land Northwest long street north east--south east Andrew Warner south west.

"Moore one smale lott hill aboute three Ackers Symon Sakett north east Samuel Dudley southeast Mathew Allen southwest the high way to the Common Palls on the north west.

"Moore In the Great Marsh, aboute three Ackers to oyster bancke bay southeast Richard Lord southwest John Talcott northwest Abraham Morrell northeast.

"Moore In West end aboute halfe an Acker Andrew Warner southwest William Spencer north west and northeast The Creek southeas-.

"Moore In Westend ffield aboute Three ackers Garrad Haddon southeast the hi--way to fresh pond southwest Edmond gearne--north West the highway to the great swamp (???) northeast --"

Paige's History of Cambridge, Massachusetts; Prince's Annals; Cambridge, Mass., Register Book, with the Proprietors' Records, pp. 24, 42; Cambridge, Mass., Town Records, (published 1901): 5, 9, 13; Colonial Records of Massachusetts, Vol. I, p. 370.



"The 19th of ye second month, 1636: Know all men by these presents that I William Kelsey of ye Newtowne, have solde & past over all ye Righte Title & Interest I have in any parsell of meddowe Ground lieing & being In ye New Towne Aforesaid, unto Thomas ffisher to him & to his Aires for ever: as his or yer proper Righte. In Wittnes Whereof I have sett my hand; ye Daye & yeare
above mencioned:

(signed) "William Kelsey his marke"


The will of Jonathan Gilbert (Gillett) (his son, Jonathan Gillett, who died before his father, married William Kelsey's daughter Mary) 10 SEP 1674, N. E. Hist. & Gen. Register, Vol. IV, 34:


"...that little land I bought of Mr. Callsey."

Church of Killingworth in the old "Church Records":

"Know all men by these presents that I, William Kelsey of Killingworth, being desirous to promote religion and the maintenance thereof, according to my power, do freely give to be paid yearly and forever after my decease Twenty shillings in current ountry pay, to the Church of Killingworth, for the use of the ministry that shall from time to time be there called, and for the ensurance thereof I do firmly bind over my land in the Neck field, purchased of John Meigs, Jun., unto the Church of Killingworth, and do give full power to him or them that are or from time to time shall be Deacons of the said Church, or in their absence, to any two of the Brethren thereof to demand, recover or dispose of the money as aforesaid, and upon refusal to pay or in case of non-solvency, to seize upon the land and use and improve it as they see cause for the aforesaid end.

"In Witness whereof I do hereunto set my hand this present day of June 6, 1674.

(Signed) William Kelsey
his mark."

Killingworth Records, Vol. I, 36-37:

"June eight 1674. These presents testifie that I William Kellsey of Kinollworth in the Countie of new London in the Collonie of Conetiqut, do and heareby give unto my son John Kellsey all my house Lott Containning Six acres more or Less * * * Also my Cowyard on the north side of the Street over agaynst my house Sixty rods of Land more or Less * * * Also I give unto him my division of meadow Lying on the river * * *.

"The marke of William Kellsey." (Signed) 


ibid., 38:


"These presents testifie that I William Kellsey of Kenellworth * * * do give unto my son Daniell Kellsy of the Same town * * * my north Lott * * *.

"William his marke Kellsey (Signed) 
"June 8, 1674."


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