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A Nick Carter -Fan Fiction [my first fan fiction!]

BRIAN'S POINT OF VIEW[chapter 1] "Nick come down here there is someone i want you to meet" I called up the stairs to his best friend nick carter who was playing the new playstation game he just got yesterday. "coming frick"nick called back down the stairs of my two story house."Nick this is my cousin, Rebekka Caprie ,Rebekka this is my best friend Nick Carter."I said hoping they would get along."Rebekka is staying with me this year, because she is going to start college this year and she got excepted to the in florida."I told them,"Hi Nick it is nice too meet you i have heard so much about you!" rebekka said as she thought about how much fun this year was going to be."It is VERY nice to meet you too, Rebekka, how old are you?" nick asked."I just graduated 2 weeks ago, and i turned 18 last month on the 23rd,How old are you?"asked Rebekka."Im 20, my b-day is on january 28th."nick told her with his eyes traveling up and down her body."So guys what are we doing today?" asked rebekka as she felt nick checking her out."We could go to my house in Ruskin ,its by the beach,and you guys could stay the weekend or something!"said nick in an ethusiastic voice. "oh my god, i LOVE the beach, can we brian please?"asked rebekka giving me her best puppy dog eyes."sure bekka what ever you want!"I said "omg,i'll go pack!"bekka said as she ran up the stairs."So,Nicky do you like her?"asked brian hoping they would be good friends.but JUST FRIENDS."HELL YA, man she has got to be the HOTTEST GIRL EVER!BUt dont call me nicky!"said nick "oh ok"said brian."Hey guys, were we going to the beach when we got there?"we turned around and nick well he got a little happier! rebekka had a little tight black string bikini with black board shorts."Damn, she is soo hot."mumbled nick under her breath"we were going to the beach when we got therre yes."i told her "Ok then I am ready to go."as she marched out to the car and put all of her bags in and got in the front seat of nicks truck. I got my bags and me and nick loaded in the truck nick in front with REBEKKA of course! and we were off to nicks house it takes about one and a half hours to get there. NICK'S POINT OF VIEW[chapter 2] "So Rebekka , you got a boyfriend?"I asked even though i already knew the answer."No, do you have a girlfriend?"she asked me."No."I told her."not yet."I mumbled under my breath."Bekka I was thinking, since college doesnt start for another two months,and we start our tour in two weeks, would you like to come on tour with us?"brian asked"pleese?" i asked praying she would say yes"ya,I will that would be cool!who is opening for yall?"she asked my face dropped as i relised who was going to be on the tour"nsync."i mumbled under my breath with hatred in my voice."OH MY GOD,REALLY, THEY ARE SO COOL, JUSTIN IS SO HOT!"Rebekka screamed"You like the enemy?"brian asked"well sorry guys, but if you dont like them, then why may i ask are you going on tour with them?"she asked."Because manegment wanted us to tour together so the everyone would think we got along, but we dont not one of bsb gets along with any of nsync and vice- versa."Brian told her"oh but like, who doesnt get along the most."she asked"well, i dont get along with justin timberlake,aj doesnt get along with chris brian doesnt get along with j.c. because we hate eachother and howie and kevin dont get along with any of them!"I told her as we pulled in my drive way."oh"she said as we went in my house i showed them there bedrooms[bekkas is next to mine and brians in infront of mine]and then we went to the beach. REBEKKA'S[BEKKA] POINT OF VIEW 'NICK is so hot!'i thought to myself, he has the most mesmerizing blue eyes.for my opinion NICK CARTER IS WAY FINER THAN JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE but justin timberlake is hot too, but if i had too choose one i would defintly choose nick!I cant wait till the tour starts! "Hi Nick"I said as i walked back up the beach to Nick's house brian was still swimming and talking to some girl he met."hey girl,whats up?" nick said as I sat down across from him at his kitchen table"nothin' much, you?"I asked as we looked into eachothers eyes"just looking at a very butiful girl,that is sitting by me"he said as i blushed.